Airflow Unit provides HVAC fabric duct balancing.

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Adjustable Flow Device(TM) is a polyester mesh cone with factory-set or field-adjustable hemmed drawstring aperture for balancing airflow and static pressure in fabric air dispersion models. It stages inflation and reduces in-duct turbulence at outlets or fittings. Available in 6-72 in. diameters, unit has large scrim openings that do not attract HVAC system particles. Device can be replaced for laundering by zipping or unzipping collar between duct lengths.

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Patented Adjustable AirFlow Device Promises Increased Versatility in HVAC Fabric Duct Balancing

The Adjustable Flow Device(TM) reduces duct turbulence while balancing airflow and static pressure in DuctSox fabric air ducts.

For Immediate Release
Saturday, December 06, 2003

Nick Paschke
John Frantz
J.P.F. Assoc. Communications

Dubuque, Iowa -DuctSox®, a leading manufacturer of fabric ductwork, has introduced the Adjustable Flow Device(TM) (AFD), the HVAC industry's first in-duct system for regulating fabric duct airflow and static pressure.

The patented AFD is a polyester mesh cone with a factory set or field adjustable hemmed drawstring aperture for air balancing all models of DuctSox fabric air dispersion models. Specifically, the AFD:
o Reduces in-duct turbulence at outlets or at fittings.
o Stages inflation and reduces abrupt start-ups.
o Balances airflow and static pressure in trunk lines and branch ducts.
o Reduces maintenance requirements of static flow straightening devices.

Designed for retrofits as well as new systems, the AFD is easily installed or replaced for laundering in minutes by zipping or unzipping its collar between duct lengths. Besides airflow regulation, the AFD also serves as a flow straightener.

The AFD, which is available in 6 to 72-inch diameters and custom order large sizes, is made of a polyester weave with large scrim openings that don't abnormally attract HVAC system particles. For systems with mediocre or low filtration designs, the AFD can be unzipped and easily laundered.

The AFD can be used in all open ceiling architecture buildings using fabric duct as an aesthetic alternative to metal ductwork. Studies prove that fabric duct installs faster, weighs less, attenuates noise, distributes air more evenly through linear diffusers, and requires less maintenance than conventional metal duct.

A short video demonstration of the AFD's staged activation inside a transparent air duct is available at For more information on DuctSox and its line of U.S.-made fabric duct, please contact 1-866-DUCTSOX ext. 6055.

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