Aircraft Engine Simplifying Diffuser Manufacturing and at an Affordable Cost

diffuser- a critical, but difficult to produce shape that spreads the air flow and cools hot section parts.

Beaumont Machine, the "Innovator" in Fast Hole EDM, announces their revolutionary Two-Step Diffuser Process*. Diffuser shapes have become a daunting challenge for aircraft engine OEMs and their suppliers. In most production environments, diffuser shapes are generated on a EDM sinker after a "fast hole" EDM drill has made a through or meter hole. This process requires two separate machines with two distinct EDM processes.

This multi-machine process creates several manufacturing bottlenecks, quality issues, and adds major WIP expense. To highlight just a few of these bottlenecks: diffuser shape to meter hole alignment, part reloading or fixture/part shuttling, multiple operator interventions, multiple QC inspections checks, etc.

The Beaumont Machine Patent Pending Two-Step Diffuser Process* eliminates the bottlenecks, the quality issues, and reduces WIP expense. They do this by generating both features, meter hole and diffuser, on the same machine. First step, the meter hole is drilled. Second step, the dressed diffuser shape is clocked to the required angular location and the shape is sunk over the meter hole.

The desired result: meter hole, diffuser shape, SAME MACHINE, Exact location ....... EVERY TIME.

*Beaumont Machine Patent Pending See Beaumont Machine at IMTS 2006, Booth No. D-4227

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