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Portable TM 1000 TaskMaster can be rolled to trouble spots and plugged in to 120 V single-phase outlet. Attachments include articulated source capture arms in various sizes, dual articulated arms for use by 2 operators, downdraft table, backdraft hood and long-reach flexible hose with hood. Applications include capturing pollutants when grinding, welding, cutting, gluing or painting. Plug-ins to 208 V, 230 V and 460 V outlets are available.

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TaskMaster Air Cleaner Offers Multiple Attachments

The new TM 1000 TaskMaster from Micro Air Clean Air Systems offers shop and plant air cleaning versatility unlike any other portable unit available on the market. The TaskMaster is ideal for maintenance and source capture applications virtually anywhere control of pollution is required. An operator simply rolls the TaskMaster 1000 to where it is needed, plugs it in to any 120v single phase outlet, and chooses the attachment necessary to get the job done.

Maximum versatility is built into the TaskMaster. The TaskMaster base unit incorporates a unique Lift-Off attachment connection. No tools are required. Attachments can be changed as rapidly as your requirements. Attachments include articulated source capture arms in various sizes, dual articulated arms (for use by two operators), downdraft table, backdraft hood, and long reach flexible hose with hood. These attachments make the TM 1000 TaskMaster a unit capable of source capturing pollutants when grinding, welding, cutting, gluing, painting and more. When conditions change - change the attachment. There's no need to buy a different unit for each application.

Low power requirements allow the unit to be uniquely portable - able to be rolled around and plugged into any standard 120v single phase outlet. Optional plug-ins to 208/230v and 460v three phase outlets are available. The new unit is powered by an efficient high- capacity motor-blower assembly that provides 1,000 cfm, all within a trim 25 1/2" x 35" footprint, so it can be maneuvered in tight areas where limited access is available.

The unit also features dual cartridge filters cleaned by Micro Air's exclusive Roto-PulseTm high efficiency cartridge cleaning system, assuring that cartridges clean the air at top efficiency. Filter options are also available; including HO Spunbound cartridges, HEPA 99.97% afterfilters to control minute particulate, and activated charcoal modules to control odor.

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