Air Supplies Tailored to Dental Clinics

Reliable and Efficient

A must for dental clinics is the reliable supply of dry, hygienic compressed air - at a very reasonable price and with minimum noise emission. It is particularly modern university clinics and larger clinics that are dependent on these requirements. Kaeser Kompressoren can supply complete system solutions tailored to cover just this field of use. Among the capable and efficient components in these systems are rotary screw compressors such as the new SK 21 and SK 24 models.

The SK packages are highly suitable for powering over 40 dental treatment units and university training units. Generally, a central air system is recommended for the air supplies to a complete clinic in which a selected number of compressors of different capacities perfectly match the air demand. Internal compressor controllers and a master air management system based on industrial computers take over the job of ensuring that the right volume of air is always available at the right point in time. Regardless of whether only a few or a whole number of medical students are learning the right treatment methods on dental or training units or whether things are really busy in the dental clinic or in the dental lab, compressed air systems designed by Kaeser will always ensure that a reliable air supply of the right capacity is always available to meet the demand. As well as availability, economy naturally plays a vital part. Even at the procurement stage, centralized air systems designed by Kaeser are around half the cost of conventional solutions. And even after installation and initial start-up the clinic will save running costs day after day. For example, Kaeser reduced the energy costs for compressed air in Erlangen University after system optimisation by around 35 percent.

The whole versatility of the product range allows the manufacturer's project engineers to provide a design tailored perfectly to each and every clinic. The type of compressor that is selected - reciprocal or rotary screw - depends entirely on the user's requirements.

And last, but not least, it is the strict compliance with the specified air quality that is an absolute requirement. Kaeser Kompressoren, as an experienced system supplier, can offer comprehensive and very efficient solutions to this requirement.

Among the high performance system elements providing an economical supply of hygienically perfect compressed air to clinics is the new SK 21 rotary screw compressor.

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