Air Purification Product reduces fan energy.

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Able to kill over 99% of airborne pathogens and capture allergens such as pollen, dander, and dust, StrionAir System A130 achieves LEED-qualifying MERV 13 efficiency at initial pressure drop of 0.2 in. water gauge. Electrically enhanced filtration technology keeps pressure drop lower through life of filter and also helps extend filter media life. Used for filtration in HVAC systems, product has modular design that can be configured to fit most air handlers.

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StrionAir System A130 Air Purification Product Reduces Fan Energy by More than 10 Percent

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- The StrionAir System A130 air purification product is going to transform filtration in HVAC systems.

"It provides HVAC efficiency to the third power," said Aaron Ayer, PE, StrionAir vice president of marketing. First, it achieves LEED*-qualifying MERV** 13 efficiency at an initial pressure drop of 0.2" water gauge. That's half the pressure drop of the newest "green" filtration technologies and a third of that of traditional filters. StrionAir's electrically enhanced filtration technology keeps pressure drop lower through the life of the filter. This reduces required fan energy by more than 10 percent, compared to other filters.

Second, StrionAir technology significantly extends the effective life of the filter media relative to traditional approaches. Filters require fewer changeouts, reducing replacement costs, maintenance expenditures, and landfill burden.

Third, since the A130 is designed to be changed out at lower ending pressure drop compared to mechanical filtration technologies, engineers can specify smaller overall HVAC system components. Less pressure drop, longer filter life and lower energy requirements produce an impressive two- to four-year payback, shorter than typical HVAC system paybacks.

"The A130 delivers ground-breaking cost performance and the high-caliber indoor air quality that commercial building owners want as part of the Green Building movement," Ayer said. The new A130 optimizes the filtration technology the company has installed in hundreds of buildings as part of other StrionAir products.

The air purification system will play an important role in achieving building sustainability and preserving the environment. The one-of-a-kind technology can contribute to earning up to three LEED points in the Energy, Indoor Environment, and Innovation categories.

Besides cutting operational expenses, the A130 kills the causes of infectious diseases in a way that traditional air filters cannot. It also captures such allergens as pollen, dander, and dust. Independent testing, including at the Centers for Disease Control, shows it kills more than 99 percent of a range of airborne pathogens.

Its modular design can be configured to fit most air handlers in both new construction and retrofit air handlers.

StrionAir will offer select partners early access to this technology during a pilot program that will demonstrate system performance in a small number of high-performance buildings.

For more information on the pilot program, call Ayer at 303-926-5687 or email For literature that describes the system, its benefits and applications, call 866-840-5872 or email

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StrionAir provides electrically enhanced air purification solutions for commercial and residential buildings. These solutions bridge the gap between the air filtration market's ability to increase air purity and reduce energy consumption at the same time, achieving what could not be done before - high particle capture efficiency filtration with low airflow resistance. StrionAir products provide a uniquely germicidal effect to deliver cleaner, healthier air in applications from private homes to world-renown hospitals. Our products are installed in hundreds of commercial buildings in North America and are sold under private label for residential whole-home and portable applicatio


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