Air Products' Modular Container Water Systems Offer Customized Solutions for Freshwater and Wastewater Challenges

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Nov. 14 -- Operators of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment systems don't often expect to find the solution to their freshwater and wastewater challenges in a box. That, however, is the case with Air Products' (NYSE:APD) newest ozone systems and wastewater system products. These new systems, which come in an innovative modular container format, help to improve the availability of drinking water and the safe disposal of wastewater. At a time of ever-tightening environmental regulations, the two container systems offer significant technology advancements and have the flexibility to address varied water contaminant issues.

"The innovation is in the modules. This format, which uses the latest gas generation technology and equipment, enables us to provide a low-cost water system to address the customer's specific needs. The modules are really customer-friendly, delivered pre-tested and requiring minimal site work for installation," said Robert Holmes, global marketing manager - Water Systems for Air Products.

To address ozone system needs, Air Products has teamed with ITT-WEDECO, a leading manufacturer of ozone technology, to create a unique range of ozone water treatment systems. WEDECO is part of the Advanced Water Treatment (AWT) group of ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT). Air Products and ITT-WEDECO have combined leading edge ozone generation with state-of-the-art oxygen producing vacuum swing adsorber (VSA) in a containerized system for both industrial and municipal customers. "The use of oxygen instead of air in this system has changed the landscape for ozone applications. This advancement on its own has increased system capacity without a large capital outlay and has improved the flexibility to handle a variety of water quality solutions," said Holmes.

Ozone has unique properties as a strong disinfectant and oxidant, and its use has grown dramatically in volume and applications. It is used in a wide range of municipal and industrial applications including drinking water, wastewater treatment, clean-in-place systems for process sanitization, cooling water treatment, and food and beverage solutions.

Air Products also combines its VSA technology with a submerged mixer or oxygenator in its modular wastewater systems for regional municipal sewage plants or complex industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The VSA technology provides low pressure oxygen from atmospheric air, and that oxygen is dissolved into the waste stream by the oxygenator in the aeration basin to help reach effluent targets. "Much like the ozone systems, this wastewater system also is provided in a modular format in a standard shipping container. It can be installed and commissioned in a matter of hours," said Holmes.

These modules can be used for many applications in wastewater systems including: to lower wastewater plant air emissions - addressing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors or foaming problems; for increased system capacity to meet a new loading requirement; for flexibility in treatment with varied contaminant loading; and for high rates of treatment.

For more information on these new product offerings, call the Water Systems Group at 1-800-654-4567 or visit

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