Air-Powered Hydraulic Pumps come in standard/custom models.

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Offered with 1-10 gal capacity reservoirs, ZA4 pumps are ATEX certified and safe for use in refinery, petrochemical, and oil and gas processing environments. Sight gauge on 1 and 2 gal models, and level gauge on 2.5, 5, and 10 gal reservoirs, facilitates oil level monitoring. All models feature Z-Class pump design and produce 10,000 psi hydraulic flow for in-plant, industrial applications as well as medium to large construction projects.

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The Enerpac ZA4 - The Next Generation in Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Introducing the ZA4, Enerpac's newest high-pressure hydraulic air-driven pump designed for in-plant, industrial applications, and medium to large construction projects. The new ZA4 features the Z-Class high efficiency pump design-a design known for its higher oil flow and bypass pressure. Whether powering a cylinder or operating a tool, the ZA's industry-leading hydraulic flow at 10,000 psi will improve productivity in any application. And, because of their ATEX certification, the Enerpac ZA Pumps are safe for use in environments such as refinery, petro-chemical and oil & gas processing.

Reservoirs come in 1 to 10 gallon capacities. A sight gauge on the 1 and 2 gallon models and a level gauge on the 2.5, 5 and 10 gallon reservoirs allow quick and easy oil level monitoring. Standard models are available to fit most applications and custom configurations, when required, are available from our extensive ordering matrix

Enerpac ZA Series Air Hydraulic Pumps-tough, dependable and innovative.

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