Air Plasma Cutting System produces 1 in. genuine cut.

Press Release Summary:

CutMaster 100 features PCH-102 SureLok(TM) torch with MaximumLife(TM) electrode. IGBT variable power supply delivers up to 80 amps of cutting current. Unit produces 1 in. cut, with no rework or grinding required, at 10 in. per minute on mild steel. Maximum cut rating is 1 1/4 in. and severance cut rating is 1 1/2 in. Extended tip and shield cup allow beveling at angles up to 45 deg. System has IP-23C and CSA NTRL/C certifications.

Original Press Release:

Thermal Dynamics(R) Introduces CutMaster(TM) 100 Air Plasma Cutting System

St. Louis -- April 5, 2002 --The new CutMaster(TM) 100, introduced by Thermal Dynamics®, is an innovative, variable output air plasma cutting system designed to meet the performance, value and reliability needs of metal fabrication professionals.

The CutMaster 100 features the new PCH-102 SureLok(TM) torch with MaximumLife(TM) electrode to provide excellent arc characteristics and versatility. An IGBT variable power supply delivers up to 80 amps of cutting current for high production efficiency on thicker materials. This system produces a 1"
genuine cut (one that requires no rework or grinding) with little or no doss at 10" per minute on mild steel. It has a maximum cut rating of 1-1/4" (31.8mm) and severance cut rating of 1-1/2" (38.1mm). Exceptional gouging capability is built into the system as the torch design allows great flexibility in angle of attack for precise operator control of depth and width.

SureLok torches feature extended tips for maximum visibility and reach. The extended tip can be dragged on the material at low output levels for optimum cut quality on thin metals. The extended tip and streamlined shield cup allow excellent beveling at angles up to 45°.

A Tip Saver(TM) current fold-back circuit prevents tip failure that can result when the tip touches the work at high output current levels, prolonging consumable parts life. The system has earned IP-23C and CSA NTRL/C certifications for safety, durability and reliability.

"The new CutMaster 100, along with the highly popular CutMaster 50, now provide users with an exceptionally broad range of high performance cutting options in attractively priced packages," says Mike Linehan, Thermal Dynamics marketing manager. "We think our CutMaster systems are an outstanding value for today's industrial market."

Thermal Dynamics is a division of Thermadyne Industries, a global welding and cutting products company, with headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. The company is comprised of long-standing market leading companies representing many of the most respected brand names in the welding and metal fabricating industry. For more information, visit the Thermal Dynamics web site at, or call Mike Linehan at 800-752-7621.

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