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Air-Cooled Robotic Torches provide consistent arc.

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Nov 15, 2013 - Rated 550 A at 100% duty cycle, Magnum® PRO Robotic Torches offer extended service life in automated MIG, pulsed MIG, and flux-cored welding. Air Blast feature introduces pulse of high-pressure shielding gas to dislodge spatter and other foreign materials at nozzle, ensuring uniform gas coverage and optimum weld quality. Using pneumatic clamp to hold wire in place as robot changes positions, Wire Brake feature helps maintain stickout to prevent weld inconsistency.

The Lincoln Electric Company - Cleveland, OH

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Expanded Magnum® PRO Robotic Torch Family from Lincoln Electric Supports Consistency and Quality, Streamlines Ordering Process

Press release date: Nov 07, 2013

Air Blast, Wire Brake and Ready-Pak® options provide more choices in proven automated welding gun line

Cleveland – Now with Air Blast, Wire Brake and Ready-Pak® models, Lincoln Electric’s expanded line of Magnum® PRO Robotic Torches provides consistent arc, industry-leading expendable life and an easy-to-maintain design for delivering dependable, high-quality welds and a long service life in automated MIG, pulsed MIG and flux-cored welding. These guns are ideal for industrial fabrication, heavy equipment and automotive manufacturing applications.

Both the Thru-Arm Air Blast- and Wire Brake-capable models enhance weld quality and extend expendable life. The Air Blast feature introduces a pulse of high-pressure shielding gas to dislodge spatter and other foreign materials at the nozzle, ensuring uniform gas coverage and superior weld quality. The Wire Brake feature uses a pneumatic clamp to hold the wire in place as the robot changes positions, maintaining stickout to prevent weld inconsistency.

New Ready-Pak options streamline the ordering process. Models available with the Thru-Arm Ready-Pak, the K3359-XX series, come pre-packaged with a gun tube, liner and expendables.

All Magnum PRO Robotic Guns are air cooled and rated at 550 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. They feature single tool center points (TCP); robust cable systems; simplified expendable parts selection; HexConnect™ gun bushing for better electrical conductivity through full-face contact; and an extended-reach mounting bracket that optimizes clearance in tough-to-reach welding applications.

For more information on the expanded Magnum PRO Robotic family of torches, call (888) 355-3213 to request Bulletin E12.03 or visit

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