Air Cooled MRI Chiller with Emergency City Water By-Pass

Air Cooled MRI Chiller with Emergency City Water By-Pass

In our estimation it is necessary to consider the
cooling of all MRI scanning equipment critical. It would be
devastating and costly to hospital administrators, doctors
and patients for the MRI equipment to fail during operation
due to overheating. As such we view the emergency by-pass
as a vital addition for this application.

The air cooled MRI chiller with emergency by-pass,
designed by the engineering team at General Air Products,
guarantees uninterrupted cooling capacity. If power to the
chiller is lost, or if the general alarm (a standard feature on
our industrial grade chillers) is triggered the emergency
bypass is immediately put into action. The alarm or power
loss will signal the valves to close the inlet and outlet pipes
of the chiller and open the city water inlet and outlet connections
instantly thus providing cooling to the MRI equipment under any condition.

Our standard, industrial grade* chillers (air cooled or water
cooled) will provide the cooling necessary for the MRI equipment to run
problem free under standard conditions without the addition of an
emergency by-pass. However, many of our customers have Murphy's
Law in mind - in a hospital or in any environment where cooling is
absolutely critical** anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The simple
and inexpensive addition of an emergency by-pass valve to General Air's
standard industrial grade chillers allows you to keep Murphy's Law at
bay, at least in regard to your cooling system.

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* Our industrial grade chillers are constructed with durable, high
quality components that are designed for varying loads and frequent
cycling. In contrast, commercial grade (HVAC grade) chillers
use components that are designed for low cycling and consistent
load applications - when they are used in industrial applications
compressor failure, performance and efficiency degradation
become common issues.

** Our process cooling engineering team would like you to note
that any application you consider critical, we consider critical.
The simple and inexpensive addition of an emergency by-pass,
to allow uninterrupted cooling via city water, is an important
consideration for any process where even a brief failure in the
cooling system will harm the quality of your product or the costly
equipment you use to create it.

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