Air-Cooled Generators produce highly concentrated ozone.

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Capable of producing high concentrations of ozone up to 16% by weight, Atlas Series generators are supplied in stainless steel enclosure and enable operators to achieve ozone dissolve efficiencies above 80%. Design optimizes oxygen utilization and utilizes Microfluidic platform technology to provide highly concentrated ozone for water treatment applications.

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High Ozone Concentration Possible Only in Water-Cooled Ozone Generators Is Now Available in Compact Air-Cooled Ozone Generators

High Ozone Concentration Possible only in water-cooled Ozone Generators is now available in compact air-cooled Ozone Generators.

Health risks and pollution of the environment associated with using chemicals for water and wastewater treatment, water scarcity issues prevalent in the World are contributing to growth of Ozone disinfection technology. The pressure is on to produce more efficient effective and affordable ozone generators.

One of the most important technological challenges, which enable industry to be efficient and cost-effective, is dissolving ozone in water. According to Henry's Law one of the main factors influencing ozone transfer efficiency is ozone concentration in gas, as it is produced by ozone generators.

Notoriously all large ozone generators used in municipal water treatment projects are water-cooled, which could produce ozone at high concentration enabling high ozone dissolve efficiency. In a large scale projects, even a small ozone generator inefficiencies were triggering tremendous waste of valuable recourses and cost increases. As a result, over the period of several decades, only companies producing high efficiency, high ozone concentration generators had survived on the market.

That was not the case with small industrial and commercial applications, where air-cooled ozone generators were used.

Most of the air-cooled generators produced by leading ozone generator manufacturers put out ozone at 3-5 times lower concentration than water-cooled ones, offering 3-5 times lower dissolved ozone efficiency. That translates in inadequate water treatment or requirement of 3-5 times larger ozone generator to do the job, making ozone system unreasonably expensive or even unaffordable for most small application and pushing clients to chose less ecologically sound but more affordable chemical treatment method.

To overcome this problem, Absolute Ozone® in May 2008, released new "Atlas" Series Ultra High concentration air-cooled ozone generators to match ozone concentration of the water-cooled ozone generators.

Now, thanks to "Atlas" Series Ozone Generators, even in small water bottling applications, operators are capable of achieving ozone dissolve efficiencies above 80%, which was previously possible only with water-cooled ozone generators. Moreover, clients are taking advantage of most compact size and elegant versatility of the stainless steel enclosure.

Absolute Ozone® Atlas Series ozone generators made possible to dissolve twice as much ozone in water, as most equally rated air-cooled ozone generators on the market, utilizing only half the oxygen.

Absolute Ozone® Generators are a quantum leap in Air-Cooled Ozone Generator technology. Due to proprietary elegant design, that utilizes Patent Pending, Microfluidic platform technology. All air-Cooled Absolute Ozone® Generators reliably provide ultra highly concentrated ozone for a wide variety of water treatment application. The performance is unequalled in air-cooled ozone generator industry, with the capability of reliably producing high concentration ozone up to 16% by weight.

The hope is that more and more companies will follow the suite and start producing air-cooled ozone generators with much higher concentration allowing more and more people to take advantage of this ecologically clean technology, protecting our planet of unnecessary contamination by harmful chemicals and providing opportunity for remediation and preservation of earth most pressures recourse -water

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