Air Conditioner features built-in preset thermostat.

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Solid-state Model AHP-301FF/85F includes control sensor, which causes air conditioner to cycle on when ambient temperature reaches 85°F, ±5°. Nominal cooling capacity is 160-200 Btu/hr, making it suitable for small-enclosure cooling. Plug-and-play unit operates at 120 or 240 Vac without set-up or adjustment.

Original Press Release:

TECA Introduces Solid-State Air Conditioner with Built-In Preset Thermostat

CHICAGO - Thermoelectric Cooling America Corporation (TECA) is offering a new small air conditioner with a preset thermostat included at no extra cost. Developed in response to customer requests for reliable, accurate temperature control that can be used without set-up or adjustment, the AHP-301FF/85F air conditioner features a control sensor which causes the air conditioner to cycle on when ambient temperature reaches 85°F, +/- 5°. Nominal cooling capacity is 160 to 200 BTU/hr, perfect for small enclosure cooling.

"The best part about the new AHP-301FF/85F is that the customer gets an affordable, quality cooling unit that's ready to go without any additional equipment," said Mike Mikalauskis, TECA CEO. "There are no extra costs for temperature control, no detailed calibration to deal with; this unit is strictly plug-and-play."

The secret behind the ability to include a temperature controller was the development of new sensors by one of TECA's supplier partners. The new sensors, capable of switching higher current, eliminate the need for relays. The AHP-301FF/85F operates at 120VAC or 240VAC. Older versions of the unit without the preset thermostat will continue to be available. AHP-301FF/85F can be purchased in quantities of 1-9 with a two-week lead-time for $595 per unit.

TECA manufactures a wide variety of solid-state cooling products, air conditioners, cold plates and liquid chillers. Air conditioners such as the AHP-301FF/85F are the company's most popular products for electronic enclosures, and their versatility makes them useful across a broad range of applications, including factories, laboratories, refineries and military and medical.

For more information and detailed specifications, visit TECA on the Web at Or call toll-free, 888-TECA-USA (832-2872).

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