Air Compressors have oil-less design and 100% duty cycle.

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Offered in single-stage, 110 psig max and 2-stage, 220 psig max versions, compressors feature totally dry crankcase, PTFE extended-wear pistons and rings, and hardened alloy cylinders. Single-stage simplex and duplex tank-mounted units cover 3-10 hp, while 2-stage units are rated 5 hp. Dual-stage tank sizes are 60, 80, and 120, while single-stage compressors add 200 gal tank. All versions feature stainless steel valves and built-in after-cooler.

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Curtis Oil-Less Air Compressors Offer Minimum Maintenance, Low DBA, 100% Duty Cycle

St. Louis - Curtis-Toledo offers both single-stage (110 psig max) and two-stage (220 psig max) oil-less air compressors.

Single-stage simplex and duplex tank-mounted units cover 3 to 10 HP, while two-stage simplex and duplex tank-mounted units are 5 HP.

Single-stage tank sizes are 60, 80, 120, or 200 gallons, while two-stage compressors come with 60-, 80-, or 120-gallon tanks.

Standard features include totally dry crankcase (no oil disposal); slow-speed, smooth, cool operation; extended-wear pistons and rings (PTFE compound); hardened precision alloy cylinders with unique long-life surface coating; stainless steel valves; fully encapsulated main bearings; built-in after-cooler (13° to 10° F above ambient discharge temperature); and a choice of vertical or horizontal tank mounting.

About Curtis-Toledo

Curtis-Toledo, Inc., a 151-year leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and automotive air compressors, provides a complete line of air compressors from 5 HP to 300 HP, in reciprocating, rotary screw, portable, and oil-less configurations. They also offer vacuum pumps, refrigerated compressed air dryers, desiccant compressed air dryers, dryer filters, climate control compressors, and compressor lubricants. The company's Toledo division manufactures a full line of tools, including hosepipe and bolt threaders, portable power drives and hydraulic hose skivers. Curtis-Toledo maintains a modern 150,000-square-foot production facility in St. Louis, as well as facilities in Buffalo, NY and San Diego, CA.

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