Air Compressor provides application-specific engineered air.

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PAP Plus® Plant Air Package Centrifugal Compressor provides 100% oil-free, particulate filtered engineered air. It has 100% continuous steel design and baseplate that reduces possibility of driver vibration or misalignment. Features include backward leaning impellers, redundant oil pump, and intercoolers with straight-through, water-in-tube design. Horizontally split design facilitates inspection and maintenance.

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PAP Plus Air Compressor Provides Application Specific Engineered Air

Unique Design Feature Benefits Meet Various Industry Needs

Jeannette, PA (October 19, 2004) - FS-Elliott introduces the PAP Plus® Plant Air Package Centrifugal Compressor, featuring easy installation, increased operating efficiency, smooth mechanical operation, and ready maintenance accessibility. The PAP Plus® Compressor provides 100% oil-free, particulate filtered, reliable Engineered Air - tailored to meet the individual needs of industries ranging from automobile manufacturing, food & beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas processing.

"The PAP Plus® Compressor increases efficiency, operating time, and ultimately, overall plant capability," says Ron Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, FS-Elliott. "This system is backed by our engineering and technical service expertise, optimizing Engineered Air for any application."

FS-Elliott is a new company, formed when Fu Sheng Industrial Company acquired the compressor division of Elliott Turbomachinery Company. FS-Elliott focuses exclusively on the design, manufacture, maintenance and servicing of air compressors.


The PAP Plus® Compressor is mounted on a compact baseplate for easy installation. With a 100% continuous steel design, the baseplate supports the entire compressor package including the lubrication and control systems for easy installation. The rugged steel baseplate construction also reduces the possibility of driver vibration or misalignment.


The PAP Plus® Compressor utilizes highly efficient stainless steel, backward leaning impellers. The backward leaning design provides optimal efficiency throughout operation with a steeper pressure rise to surge and greater throttle range. These impellers are less susceptible to surge due to changes in operating conditions, such as air temperature, water temperature or intercooler fouling - providing a reliable flow of Engineered Air.

Another important PAP Plus attribute is the redundant oil pump feature, designed to provide continuous, reliable oil pressure. The lubrication system includes two full capacity, full pressure pumps - one motor-driven auxiliary, and one shaft-driven main. During regular operations, the shaft-driven pump is running. The motor-driven auxiliary pump is used for start-up, shutdown and as an emergency back-up, providing a reliable source of Engineered Air at all times.


Proper maintenance ensures a continuous flow of Engineered Air. The PAP Plus® Compressor was designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The intercoolers feature straight-through, water-in-tube design for easy cleaning, inspection and maintenance. The horizontally split PAP Plus® Compressor design (gear case, bearings and seals) is also easier to inspect and maintain.

Engineered Air

Engineered Air is tailored to meet specific industry needs - 100% oil-free, particulate filtered and completely reliable. It goes beyond the simple output of compressed air at a specified pressure and flow. Engineered Air provides the right type of air for the right application, meeting industry needs.

FS-Elliott is a dedicated air compressor company, providing Engineered Air to various industries ranging from automobile manufacturing, food & beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas production. With total market focus, FS-Elliott provides their customers with a complete Engineered Air package that includes unparalleled reliability, leading technology, decades of industry experience and unsurpassed customer service.

FS-Elliott's headquarters, engineering center and manufacturing operations are based in Jeannette, PA, U.S.A. FS-Elliott also has a packaging facility in Shanghai, China.

For more information contact Addison Kelley, Vice President Global Customer Support, FS-Elliott, tel: (626) 855-7515, e-mail, or visit

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