Air Cleaner delivers optimal air filtration without ozone.

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With near-HEPA filter performance, Dynamic V8® VL Series offers indoor air quality solution for Variable Refrigerant Flow systems without emitting ion or ozone pollutants. MERV 15+ rated unit reduces wide range of particulate and gas-phase contaminants, including ultra-fine particulate, VOCs, odors, and biological contaminants. Equipped with maintenance-free solid-state electronics, system only requires filter changes every 4 years and enables filter access without removing ceiling tiles.

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LG Electronics Adds High-Performance Air Cleaner to Energy Efficient HVAC Portfolio

LG's Dynamic V8® VL Series Air Cleaner Delivers Optimal Air Filtration without Ozone and Ion Emissions

ALPHARETTA, Ga., -- LG Electronics USA has introduced a new air cleaner that combines a variety of technological advances with a superior dust holding capacity to provide superior performance and energy efficiency while minimizing maintenance needs and reducing life cycle cost.

The state-of-the-art LG "Dynamic V8 VL Series" Air Cleaner features the longest filter life currently available on the market, substantively reducing a wide range of particulate and gas-phase contaminants, including: ultra-fine particulate, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors and biological contaminants. With near-HEPA filter performance, the Dynamic V8 VL Series Air Cleaner is also the first Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution for Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems that does not emit ion or ozone pollutants.

"In cooperation with Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, LG developed this advanced new air cleaner to raise the bar for air filtration performance and dust holding capacity in commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems," said Kevin McNamara, vice president, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics USA. "Combining maximum energy efficiency with filter changes measured in years instead of months, our new air cleaner reduces cost of ownership and the environmental footprint for buildings using this technology."

Combining Clean and Green for Real Value

With up to 100 times the dust holding capacity of shallow bed MERV-13 filters, the MERV 15+ rated Dynamic V8 VL Series Air Cleaner was designed with the flattest loading curve in the industry to prevent degradation of airflow as the filter gets dirty.(1) This also means that the maintenance cycle of the V8 is typically measured in years, not months.

Additional benefits for system designers, building owners and occupants include:

Industry-Leading Performance

--  Thoroughly tested and validated for single-pass particulate removal and loading utilizing ASHRAE 52.2-2007 test protocol, as well as using a "real world" fine (SAE-J726) loading dust

--  Multi-pass particulate removal provides proof the V8 Air Cleaner out performs MERV 14 filters, leaving the air up to four times cleaner(1)

--  Gas-phase contaminant removal validated through installed project testing(1)

Cost Savings

--  High potential to reduce the size and cost of the Dedicated Outdoor Air System(2)

--  Fewer filter changes and maintenance cycles reduce both out-of-pocket and labor expenses

--  Minimal impact on Indoor Unit (IDU) fan energy consumption equates to minimal impact on utility bills

Ease of Engineering and Install

--  LG offers the Dynamic AirQ(TM) Report which can simplify ASHRAE 62.2 calculations

--  Flexible profile and mounting options; including ultra low profile for use in restricted height ducts, close -coupled (to indoor unit) or remote mounted (at the ceiling return) using either shared or dedicated return air grilles

--  Easy to install optional custom 2x4 drop-in return air duct and grille accessory can be installed without removing the ceiling grid

Reduced Maintenance

--  Up to four years between filter changes instead of every one or two months(3)

--  Easy filter access without removing ceiling tiles(4)

--  No-maintenance solid state electronics

--  Eliminates the need to clean the return air duct system(4)

Eco-Friendly Features

--  Can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED(®)) points

--  Minimal impact to existing system energy use increases energy savings

--  Near-HEPA filter performance without emitting ion or ozone pollutants consistent with the goals of green building design

The Dynamic V8 VL Series Air Cleaner is currently available for shipment across the U.S.  More information on LG's Air Cleaner, VRF technology and the complete portfolio of LG Commercial Air Conditioning solutions can be found at

1. Refer to the LG Dynamic V8 VL Series air cleaner engineering manual for a complete listing of all test results.

2. Ventilation Air Volume may be reduced using the IAQ Procedure in lieu of the Ventilation Rate Procedure published as part of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010.

3. 100 percent return air application at the headquarters office building of the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in Atlanta, GA. Actual results may vary.

4. Assumes remote mounted configuration and optional return air duct and grille.

Designs, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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