Air Cleaner Assemblies operate in heavy dust environments.

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Suited for where heavy equipment is used in mining, construction, earthmoving, agriculture, and quarry applications, SSG heavy-duty air cleaners feature radial seal urethane end-capped air filters that facilitate slipping on/off of elements from outlet tube. Products also utilize Donaclone® cyclonic precleaner tubes, which remove 95%-97% of heavier dust particles from inlet air volume. This leaves main air filter elements free of heavy particles, promoting optimal filtration and service life.

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Air Cleaner for Vehicles in Dusty Environments

Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd introduces the latest range of air cleaner assemblies to suit heavy equipment operating in the most severe dust conditions thrown up by industries such as mining and construction, earthmoving, agricultural and quarries.

The all-new SSG heavy-duty air cleaners are designed for the biggest machines in the toughest conditions and provide numerous key benefits and updates over the previous SRG range.

Where SRG units utilised steel end capped, axial sealing filters (retained by wing nuts), the SSG is fitted with Radial Seal, urethane end-capped air filters that provide a more reliable seal.

Radial Seal allows the elements to slip easily on and off the outlet tube and combined with the quick release cover latches, the SSG is by far the simplest and easiest option for filter service and installation.

SSG air cleaners also utilize Donaclone® cyclonic precleaner tubes for maximum efficiency. Donaclone® precleaner tubes remove 95-97% of heavier dust particles from the inlet air volume leaving the main air filter elements free of heavy particles allowing for maximum filtration and maximum service life.

The SSG housing is made of high quality, heavy gauge steel and is supplied in a rust protective primed finish, ready for final paint application to suit your needs.

SSG air cleaners are available with either standard filters or optional Endurance filters which use Donaldson's patented Ultra-Web® filtration technology for dramatically increased filter service, high efficiency and reduced associated costs.

SSG air cleaners are also designed for the easy fitment of optional Dust-Dumpa vacuator extensions. These revolutionary attachments use the vibrations of normal vehicle/equipment operation and gravity to expel the dust particles separated by the Donaclone® cyclonic precleaner tubes.

The vibratory action improves dust evacuation from the air cleaner base ensuring total efficiency and functionality. The clear tube body of the Dust-Dumpa allows for easy visual inspection of dust collection, effectively reducing inspection times and combined with the other innovative features of the SSG air cleaner assembly, the complete package offers an effective method of labour and cost reduction.

SRG to SSG conversion kits are now also available as an Upper body, assembly conversion. The heavy-duty assembly is the same overall package size as the older SRG housings, guaranteeing retro-fitment. The SSG conversion brings all the benefits of the new design; no more individual gaskets bolt in elements.

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