Air Blower keeps machine window clear of debris.

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With no moving parts, Air Disk Window Blowoff keeps window of machines clear of coolant, chips, and debris, ensuring process and part visibility at all times. Compact disk delivers 360° airstream that blows out across entire window surface. Using proprietary airflow technology, disk ejects compressed air through thin-slotted ring nozzle. Peel and stick adhesive permanently bonds aluminum Air Disk to glass or polycarbonate surface.

Original Press Release:

Air Disk(TM) Window Blowoff

EXAIR's new Air Disk Window Blowoff keeps the window of machines clear of coolant, chips and other debris so the process and part are visible at all times. The compact disk delivers a 360 degree airstream that blows out from the disk across the entire window surface. The unobstructed view permits the operator to make decisions resulting in faster machine set up and increased productivity. Tool damage and unnecessary downtime can be reduced.

The Air Disk uses EXAIR patented airflow technology to eject a small amount of compressed air through a thin slotted ring nozzle. This quiet, high velocity airstream is directed across the surface of the window to quickly divert away any liquids or debris that impact it. There is no mechanical wiper blade to scratch the window surface. The Air Disk has no moving parts to wear out.

The Air Disk Window Blowoff includes a strong, peel and stick adhesive to permanently bond the aluminum Air Disk to the glass or polycarbonate surface. A complete system that includes all components necessary for mounting the Air Disk and controlling the air velocity is available.

Prices start at $99.

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