Air Balancer handles loads safely.

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Model D-BS requires low hand forces, letting operator move loads into position without pendant control. It can operate at speeds up to 400 ft/min. Speed limiter protects operators should load attachments accidentally let go or if load is suddenly released, and prevents cable from accelerating at unsafe speeds. Models D-BP 55 and D-BP 110 handle workloads of 0-125 lb or 0-250 lb, respectively. Both automatically adjust to any load without operator intervention.

Original Press Release:

Demag's New Air Balancer Handles Loads Safely, Easily And With Precision

April 2002, Solon, OH - Demag Cranes and Components Corp. today announced the introduction of its new Demag Air Balancer D-BS, the most advanced air balancer system today. "Ergonomics and safety with load handling are primary concerns," said John Paxton, Demag Vice-President Product Groups. "Our new Air Balancer enables you to move loads effortlessly into an exact position, even without a pendant control. The Demag Air Balancer requires the lowest hand forces of any air balancer in the industry."

The Demag Air Balancer can operate at speeds up to 400 ft/min (60 m/min), with a duty factor of 100%. Depending of the type of Balancer, D-BP 55 or D-BP 110, safe workloads range from 0 to 125 pounds or 0 to 250 pounds, respectively. The Hand Force Control with built-in standard safety and intuitive control features provide unsurpassed handling, guiding or positioning advantages, including automatically adjusting to any load without operator intervention and minimum resistance to moving. The Safety Release Interlock and Safety Lift Interlock are two additional features that provide maximum safety operation.

In addition, the standard-equipment speed limiter effectively protects operators should load attachments accidentally let go of the load or the load is suddenly released from the Balancer. The speed limiter that prevents the cable from accelerating at unsafe speeds and protects operators from errors, like fully pressing the up button with an empty hook or load attachment.

Other advantages of the new Demag Air Balancers are high cycling capabilities, mechanical whip lash protection, enclosed controls, single and dual load zero gravity control, up/down control pendant and low hand force required to move load.

Demag Cranes and Components solves material handling and ergonomic challenges through the utilization of innovative cranes and components; including chain and wire rope hoists, gearmotors, wheel block systems, cable balancers, enclosed track systems as well as friction wheel drives. For more information on Demag North American sales, service and distributor locations, contact Demag Cranes and Components at or call us toll free at 1-800-321-6560.

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