Air Actuators provide gentle handling of delicate parts.

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PNRE Series friction-free actuators require less than 10 psi to operate. Light touch or physical obstruction will stop unit's movement before it can damage equipment and parts. Using bearing system containing cylindrical steel rollers, carriage glides almost friction-free over base. Slide assembly is controlled by pair of Airpot Dashpots. Three models are available with travel of 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 in. Overall length varies from 2.756 to 7.283 in.

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Nearly Friction-Free Air Actuator Provides Gentle Handling of Delicate Components

(Bethel, CT - January 31, 2002) Del-Tron Precision has introduced a new nearly friction-free air actuator that provides gentle handling of delicate components in a very compact package. The new PNRE series requires less than 10 PSI to operate so a light touch or physical obstruction will stop the unit's movement before it can damage expensive equipment and parts. The new air actuator provides precise, gentle handling of wafers, chips and surface mount devices and is also ideal for fluid sample handling and adhesive deposition applications.

The Del-Tron PNRE actuator incorporates one pneumatically actuated cross roller slide assemblies that deliver travel of up to two inches. Using a bearing system containing cylindrical steel rollers, the carriage glides almost friction-free over the base. The rollers, alternately crisscrossed with each other, move between a set of four, parallel rods on each side of the base. The rods are partially flattened in an additional grinding process that allows the rollers to move on a flat surface, greatly increasing the load capacity relative to point contact of steel balls.

This bearing design allows crossed roller slides to carry larger loads and absorb greater load impacts than equivalent size ball slides. The carriage and base is made of aluminum while hardened steel rods and rollers and stainless steel end caps are used.

The slide assembly is controlled by a pair of Airpot Dashpots - motion damping devices that reduce velocity, vibration, and oscillation in dynamic mechanisms. This is accomplished by using a piston to force ambient air through an orifice at a controlled rate to dissipate kinetic energy. The Dashpot prevents damage and violent or inaccurate response caused by shock and vibration in sensitive equipment and components. An air dashpot consists of a graphitized carbon piston, precision ground to millionths of an inch total indicator reading, inside an annealed, borosilicate glass cylinder with a precision fire polished bore.

Three models of PNRE actuators are available with travel of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 inches. The overall length of these devices varies from 2.756 inches to 7.283 inches and their width ranges from 3.149 to 7.677 inches. The different models cost between $275 and $325. For more information, contact Del-Tron by phone at 800-245-5013, by fax at 203-778-2721, by email at or on the web at for a free 80 page technical product guide detailing available sizes, specification and prices. The CD-ROM version of the catalog features the ability to select products automatically by
inputting application criteria and CAD drawings that can be viewed and imported into an existing drawing.

For more information contact Del-Tron Precision, Inc, 5 Trowbridge Drive, Bethel, CT 06801. Phone: 203-778-2727 Fax: 203-778-2721 Internet:

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