Aggregate Dryer/Cooler minimizes energy usage.

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Utilizing 2 exhaust air streams, Ventura 130(TM) Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler captures and re-uses latent heat. One off cooling section is at 110°F, while one off heat exchangers/heat recovery units is 95°F. With this concept, lowest possible amount of energy is used for drying. In most applications of 4% moisture and above, dryer will use approximately 1,200 BTU/lb of water evaporated or less.

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Ventura 130(TM) Aggregate Dryer / Cooler

(West Chester, OH) March 16, 2007 -- The VENTILEX Ventura 130 is a revolutionary new Fluid Bed Dryer and Cooler design, capable of delivering the same drying capacity as a standard Fluid Bed Dryer while using a fraction of the energy. You cannot change the laws of physics, but you can certainly use them to your advantage!

In this remarkable drying and cooling advancement, almost all Latent Heat is captured and re-used. In most applications of 4% moisture and above, the VENTILEX Ventura 130 will use approximately 1,200 btu's per pound of water evaporated, or less! The higher the input moisture, the lower amount of btu's are used per pound of water evaporated. This low energy use is at least 60% less than a typical "good" rotary dryer system, and at least 35% less than all other known fluid bed dryer systems.

To compare, most Rotary Dryers use between 2,700 and 3,400 btu's per pound of water evaporated! Almost all other Fluid Bed Dryers use 1800 to 2400 btu's per pound of water evaporated.

This highly efficient method of drying and cooling would, without the sophisticated, highly advanced controls and algorithm from VENTILEX, be out of control and you would not realize these tremendous energy savings!

With the VENTILEX Ventura 130 (tm), almost all latent heat is recovered and reused. VENTILEX has instituted two exhaust air streams. The one off the cooling section is at 110 F, and the one off the heat exchangers/heat recovery units is 95 F degrees. The lower the exhaust air, the better use of the energy, and this means you save tons of money that would otherwise be "blown up the stack".

With this concept, the lowest possible amount of energy is used for drying. VENTILEX uses the least amount of energy, lower than any known rotary, vibrating fluid bed, static fluid bed, or any other known drying system for aggregates.

VENTILEX guarantees our energy savings. Just ask for a quotation to see how much energy can be saved using a VENTILEX Ventura 130 (tm)!

For more information about how Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers can help meet the toughest food, chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical, mineral or waste product drying challenges, contact VENTILEX USA, 8106 Beckett Center Dr., West Chester, OH, Phone (513) 874-4451, Fax (513) 870-5173, or e-mail

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