Agere's Innovative Technology Enables Samsung to Roll Out World's Thinnest Cell Phones

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Dec. 6 /- Samsung Electronics has delivered to market the thinnest cell phone ever made. Incorporating Agere Systems' (NYSE:AGR) innovative chip packaging design, Samsung could make Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820 bar design) and Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830 clamshell design) cell phones the thinnest ever among its form factors.

The technique is called package-on-package (stacking) in which a packaged memory chip is stacked on top of the baseband chip package to reduce the overall area footprint. This enables single-sided component mounting so the phone itself can be made thinner in depth. Typically, cell phones have chips on both sides of the circuit board, making the cell phones thicker.

Mr. J.K. Shin, Executive Vice President of Samsung's Mobile R&D Team stated: "I'm pleased to introduce Ultra Editions through the cooperation with Agere, and hope to keep providing global customers with the phones that want to have for their everyday life."

The Ultra Edition 6.9 (X820) measures less than one-quarter inch in depth (6.9 millimeters) and weighs only 66 grams. The Ultra Edition 9.9 (D830) measures 9.9 millimeters thick. Both are the world's thinnest of their types, according to Samsung. The cell phones contain Agere's Sceptre® HPE 2.5-generation GSM/E-GPRS chip set.

Being so slender, Samsung's X820 and D830 are easier to carry than alternative cell phones and can be slid into a pocket easily and invisibly for stylish mobility. Able to do more with less, these two models remain full-featured. Each enables users to enjoy their favorite songs on a music player, take pictures with a 2 megapixel camera, wirelessly connect using Bluetooth technology, store 80 megabytes worth of data in onboard memory, and display both video and photos stored in their cell phones onto their TV set with a TV-out interface.

Both phones adhere to the 2.5-generation EDGE standard, which transmits data at up to 384 kilobits per second. At that speed, the Samsung phones are three times faster than today's mainstream cell phones, making music and photo downloads over the network much faster.

"It's abundantly clear that huge numbers of people crave cool, slick cell phones such as these ultra-thin models from Samsung," said Denis Regimbal, executive vice president of Agere's Mobility Division. "They're stylish, and they're easy to use, store and carry around. Agere appreciates that Samsung gave us the opportunity to create the unconventional chip design for their flashy and unique products."

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Agere Systems is a global leader in semiconductors and software solutions for storage, mobility and networking markets. The company's products enable a broad range of services and capabilities, from cell phones, PCs and hard disk drives to the world's most sophisticated wireless and wireline networks. Agere's customers include top manufacturers of consumer electronics and communications and computing equipment. Agere works to transform the performance of networks and consumer electronics by integrating systems knowledge and leading technology that enable people to stay connected -- perfecting the connected lifestyle.

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