Aesthesiometer assesses touch sensitivity of rats and mice.

Press Release Summary:

Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer records and displays latency of paw withdrawal reflex and force at time of latency on electronic unit. Animal is placed in enclosure with perforated bottom. Stimulator is positioned under paw, and filament rises to touch paw, exerting force until animal flicks paw. Data can be routed directly to serial port of PC via Win-DAS Software Package.

Original Press Release:

Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer

The Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer is a new instrument for the assessment of "touch sentivity" of rats or mice.

The animal is placed in an enclosure with a perforated bottom. A stimulator is positioned under the paw, and a filament rises to touch the paw, exerting increasing force until the animal flicks its paw. Both latency of paw withdrawal reflex and force (in grams) at time of latency are automatically recorded and displayed on the electronic unit.

Data can be routed directly to the serial port of a Personal Computer (IBM or compatible) via the Win-DAS Software Package, also available from Stoelting.

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