Aerzen USA Process Gas Blower and Compressor Installations Worldwide

Aerzen has successful process gas installations in a large variety of applications around the world. The new Process Gas Overview video showcases the various technologies, applications and equipment that Aerzen produces on a global basis. The overview provides a quick view into what it takes, from concept to installation, of a process gas package. AERZEN offers the process gas and refrigeration industries an incredibly broad spectrum of rotary lobe blower and screw compression technologies—perhaps the broadest of any manufacturer, onshore and offshore, and in every single key industrial application.

In the chemical, petrochemical, energy, food, and pharmaceutical industries, applications are demanding and compressor technologies must be up to the task. The demands on plant design, engineering, documentation and worldwide service in those industries are often just as high as the safety and environmental guidelines to be followed. For over 150 years, AERZEN has been developing a unique expertise for these industries. This began when we developed Europe’s first rotary lobe blower in 1868. Our history has given rise to a unique knowledge pool of technological advances and know-how, and we have focused it primarily on our PGD center—the AERZEN Process Gas Division.

Aerzen’s Process Gas Division is developing and constructing compressor and blower stages for process gas applications, as well as tailor-made packages. The engineering process at AERZEN is based on over 150 years of experience and on modern software tools. These include state-of-the-art development and design technologies such as AutoCAD Mechanical or Inventor which ensure accurate plans for facilities designs.

VR Process Gas Compressors:

They were developed for the dry compression of almost all gases. From ammonia and argon to styrene, vinyl chloride or hydrogen. The only limitations are pressure and temperature ranges and allowable rotational speeds. The VR series has an enormous application range. For final pressures up to 750 psig.

VMY Compressors:

Compressors in the VMY series have built their reputation in closed refrigeration circuits, demonstrated their high efficiency in open process systems (chemical, petrochemical, energy production), and proven themselves in refineries and other process gas systems. They are the ideal machines for gases with low molecular weights, high compression ratios, and variable configurations.

GR/GQ Process Gas Blowers:

All AERZEN oil-free process gas blowers have one thing in common: they are robust, high-performance machines. They are unaffected by gas contaminants or moisture, suitable for continuous liquid injection for gas cooling or cleansing, and they can be designed to include a wide range of special materials and seals.

GM…cz High Pressure Blowers:

Special solutions for special applications. For cases with high inlet pressures and when pressure differentials of up to 30 psi (2 bar) are required. This is what the high-pressure blowers from AERZEN were designed to handle. For oil-free conveyance in chemical and many other industries.

The best kind of process gas and refrigeration installations are the kind you do not notice, because they run for 20, 25, 30 years. This is what we provide, with highly specialized service teams in Germany, in Europe, in over 100 countries all over the world.


About Aerzen:

AERZEN began life in 1864 as Aerzener Maschinenfabrik. In 1868 we built Europe’s first rotary lobe blower. The first turbo compressors followed in 1911, the first screw compressor in 1943, and in 2010 the world’s first rotary lobe compressor unit. Innovations “made by AERZEN” keep driving the development of compressor technology forward. Today, AERZEN is among the world’s oldest and most significant manufacturers of rotary lobe blowers, rotary lobe compressors, rotary lobe gas meters, screw compressors, and turbo blowers, and is among the undisputed market leaders in many areas of application.

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