Aerosol Offers Effective Fire Suppression for Your Server Room

Protect Electronic Equipment, Media, and Personnel with a Safe, Cost-Effective Solution

By Ron Carboy

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.

Ron Carboy founded Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. 28 years ago after a successful carrier with Memorex Corporation. Ron was one of the original sales engineers marketing magnetic computer, video, and broadcast tape. Peripherals has evolved into an internet-based firm selling products used by the computer industry around the world. New product introductions include Aero-K, a potassium-based, environmentally friendly, fire suppression system for the computer, industrial, and automotive industry. Ron can be contacted at Or, visit the company's web site at

You may be tasked with identifying a system to protect your server room or NOC from the risk of fire. There are a number of considerations when deciding on a system, including operation, cost, space requirements, and maintenance.

The newest development in fire suppression is aerosol extinguishing technology, a dramatic advancement in fire protection over halon, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, and water systems. Among their numerous benefits, aerosols are:

· safe for facility personnel

· 100% green, environmentally friendly

· non-toxic and non-corrosive

· able to extinguish a fire within one minute with minimal clean-up

· the most cost-effective fire suppression systems available.

What is Aerosol Fire Suppression?

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is an exclusive distributor of aerosol technology using Aero-K® generators. Aero-K® is a patented design that incorporates a unique potassium-based aerosol using pyrotechnic-based chemistry. When a fire is detected, Aero-K® generators distributed around a room are activated either manually or electrically from a suitable releasing device.

In the event of a fire, the generators rapidly dispense an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine potassium-based aerosol, creating a fog of suspended particles and extinguishing the fire within seconds. The aerosol agent remains suspended in the area for up to 60 minutes, virtually eliminating any possibility of reignition. The
aerosol discharge leaves very little residue, and personnel can clean up by simply venting the room and dusting all surfaces.

Aerosol Systems Compared to Sprinklers

Water sprinklers in a computer or telecommunications facility can damage your critical hardware more than a fire itself; your expensive electronics are ruined, and your essential data and magnetic media are lost. However, Aero-K® systems are often used to complement sprinkler systems.

In facilities that are required by code to have sprinklers, an Aero-K® system can prevent sprinklers from activating and causing damage to your equipment. While sprinklers are set off by heat, Aero-K®'s fast-acting smoke sensors can detect a fire and extinguish it long before sprinkler sensors become hot enough to set off
water flow to the room. When an Aero-K® system is activated due to fire, your equipment stays dry and safe.

Maintenance of an Aerosol System

Aerosol generators are virtually maintenance-free and have a guaranteed shelf life of more than 10 years. Each unit is self-contained and produces an ecologically safe aerosol stream when activated.

Unlike gaseous systems, which operate at pressure, aerosol generators are cost- effective to install and maintain, and space and weight requirements are minimal. The generators that dispense the aerosol are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any environment. Aero-K® aerosol generators are small
enough to mount on the walls of your facility at ceiling height so you don't lose valuable floor space.

Snuff Out High Fire Suppression Costs

Aero-K® is much less expensive to install and maintain than most other systems. Small generators are mounted around the area to be protected. Generators are electrically connected to a small control panel and are not pressurized until activated by detection of a fire.

Aero-K® generators are warranted for 18 months from date of installation and have a shelf life of more than 10 years. This fire suppression system can be easily removed and reconfigured for re-installation or upgrade if your facility relocates or expands.

Lower Insurance Costs with an Automatic Fire Suppression System

If your server room doesn't currently have a fire suppression system, consider the insurance cost savings. Insurance companies may offer rate reductions for installing a waterless or dry chemical fire suppression system that may save your company 10%-15%.

Let Our Fire Suppression Experts Assist You

Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is an expert in the design and installation of aerosol fire suppression systems. As aerosol becomes more widely adopted by IT and telecom professionals, it's an option you should consider. Let Peripheral design a cost-effective fire suppression system for your computer/server room or telecommunications site.

Don't overlook the newest type of fire suppression system--aerosol. Designed to be compact, easily relocated to new facilities, and capable of expanding and contracting according to your company's needs, aerosol represents a great advancement in the fire suppression industry. Contact or 1-800-468-6888 for more information or a proposal designed specifically for your application.

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