Aerial Cable Guides keep cables straight during feeding.

Press Release Summary:

Free-wheeling, 3-roller, aerial cable guides eliminate need for lashing machine modifications. Model 91605 accommodates copper-cable bundles up to 4 in. dia; Model 91606 handles cables up to 2 3/4 in. dia. Both are manually propelled via integral tow hook. Front and rear wheels ride on support strands, eliminating need for hitch weldment. Guides straighten cable, remove arc imparted during reel winding, and align cable as it feeds into lashing machine.

Original Press Release:

New Free-Wheeling Aerial Cable Guides For 2-3/4 And 4-Inch Cable Bundles

Trevose PA, February 1, 2002 -- General Machine Products Co., Inc., (GMP) has introduced two three-roller aerial cable guides with a free-wheeling design that eliminates the need for lashing machine modifications. The Model 91605 accommodates copper-cable bundles up to 4 inches in diameter, while the Model 91606 handles cable bundles up to 2-3/4 inches in diameter.

The new free-wheeling cable guides are manually propelled via an integral tow hook designed into the frame as the front and rear strand wheels ride on support strand diameters from 1/4 inch to 7/16 inch. This eliminates the need for the hitch weldment to attach to the lashing machine required by single-strand-wheel designs.

Aerial cable guides are used to straighten the cable, removing the "arc" imparted during reel winding and storage, and to properly align the cable as it feeds into the lashing machine. The new rugged steel cable guides use bearing-driven aluminum rollers that advance the cable with minimum friction, making them especially applicable when handling heavy cable or when using an aerial basket for "drive off' lashing.

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