Advantech "Balances" out their Product Line

Precisa Swiss-made Balances and Moisture Analyzers bring added high-precision technology to Advantech's quality control test sieve and sieve shaker equipment.

New Berlin, WI – Advantech is expanding their product offering and has partnered with Precisa. Bringing together the Swiss-made analytical weighing and moisture analysis equipment with Advantech's quality control ASTM test sieves and sieve shakers makes sense for many of their customers. Dry particle separation and sieve analysis is used in over forty different industries from life sciences to pharmaceuticals, to seeds and grains to mining. The ability to know and control the particle size distribution of the primary particles present in a given material is of extreme importance for research, product development, processing, and quality control departments.

Advantech has hand-picked several Precisa balances which are best suited to obtain optimum sieve analysis results using their 3", 8" and 12" ASTM E11 testing sieves. These balances are incredibly precise, reliable, easy to use and have robust features. Benefits include rugged die-cast aluminum housings, blueLINE easy to read high contract vacuum fluorescent display, clock with date and time, RS232/V24 bi-directional interface, memory features, electronic anti-theft code and optional fully automatic internal SCS (self calibration system). Balances include BALINT software allowing you to capture weighing data that can be transferred to standard programs such as Excel. With these reporting abilities, you can easily determine the differential weight percent retained on each sieve as well as the cumulative weight percent.

Precisa XM series moisture analyzers provide numerical and statistical analysis. The Master Series has high thermal values delivering quick, error-free results and can be used in both laboratory or production environments. Heat source options include halogen, infrared or dark radiator for environments where the use of glass is not allowed.

Advantech is the manufacturer of 3" acrylic framed Sonic Sifter sieves, 8" and 12" brass and stainless steel framed ASTM E11 test sieves along with their industrial DuraTap sieve shaker, the Sonic Sifter Separator and Meinzer II table top electromagnetic drive sifter.

About Advantech

Founded in 1970 to concentrate on products for the particle separation industry. The lead product among its offerings was the “Sonic Sifter" which became a favorite for quality control in the dry particle industry. Recognizing the need for high quality test sieves, the company began manufacturing and marketing ASTM test sieves under the ATM brand label.

Later, test sieve calibration services were pioneered as a result of requests from sieve and production screener customers wanting to verify their sieve tolerances in accordance with the ASTM E 11 standards.

In 2002, Advantech purchased a full-service CNC machining facility, adding vertical integration to its capabilities ( While the company expanded to bring you the very best technical skills and abilities, they manage to still provide the personal attention and flexibility needed to complete projects from start to finish, and on time.

Recognizing their broader capabilities, in 2002 they changed their name from ATM Corporation to Advantech Manufacturing. It is their goal as a company to continually go beyond simply manufacturing and strive to provide real-time, real world solutions to meet - and exceed – their customers' expectations.

Superior quality products and stellar "Red Carpet Treatment" customer service is what sets them apart from competitors. When you choose Advantech, you tap into the expertise of people who know how to offer you value across every contact point before, during and after the sale.

Of course, everything they manufacture is a reflection of who they are. That's why great care is taken to ensure quality with every piece and multiple points of inspection are built into every process for top-shelf reliability. This is one manufacturer who believes in having products available at a moments notice, helping you to keep pace every day.

For more information please contact:

Tony Romano

Vice President & GM

Advantech Manufacturing, Inc.


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