Advantech and ACP Partnership Continues to Strengthen

(Cincinnati, Ohio) - The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech and Automation Control Products (ACP), a Thin Client management software company, have worked together to increase the amount of ThinManager-ready hardware platforms available in the market. Today, Advantech and ACP offer more than 10 ThinManager products to help customers manage, configure, and secure their thin client network.

According to Tom Jordan, ACP's VP of Marketing, "Advantech was selected as one of ACP's hardware partners to bring ThinManager to the market not only for the quality of their products, but also for their continuing integrity and dedication to the technology industry". Advantech's ThinManager-ready embedded automation computers and HMI products are designed to satisfy the most demanding industrial applications and feature rich applications provided by ThinManager enabling their users to bring their control room into the 21st century. Advantech hardware features include, no internal cables, no fans, 9-36Vdc power input or optional power supply for 110Vac use, reverse polarity protection, dual Ethernet, dual DVI or VGA in a very small form factor, three monitor support, DIN-rail mount option, 400Ghz GX-2 to a 1.6Ghz Intel® ATOM(TM) processor, and a mounting kit to attach the Thin Client to the back of a monitor to become one package.

ACP's ThinManager solution has also evolved over the years, as the thin client industry has progressed. ThinManager has moved from being just a terminal services and client management application to being a product with more features for the end-user to take advantage of what has become the most feature rich architecture in the marketplace. Their centralized management and easy-to-use interface allow for simple configuration and maintenance of an entire Thin Client network. ThinManager's rock-solid redundancy virtually eliminates downtime which reduces your total cost of ownership while simultaneously increasing your ROI. MultiMonitor and MultiSession are two other key additions to the product as is TermSecure, shared keyboard and mouse, and shadowing.

Customers can now take full advantage of all the features that ACP Thin Client architecture offers without the need for an operating system or software to reside on the "Metal only" Thin Client. To purchase Advantech's ThinManager products, please contact your regional ACP representative or Advantech at 1-800-205-7940.

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