Advantages of Xyloy(TM) Injection Moldable Metal Alloys

Xyloy(TM) Injection Moldable Metal is distinctly different. It's not metal injection molding (MIM), powder injection molding (PIM), metal-filled plastic, or thixomolding. Instead, Xyloy is a non-ferrous alloy, pelletized for use with conventional feeding systems and tooling already in use for plastics.

Xyloy can produce the same parts, but it allows design flexibility and even parts consolidation. It provides the traditional benefits of plastics plus the strength, stiffness and durability of metals.

Aerospace, automotive, computer/IT, consumer, healthcare, electrical/electronics, and industrial applications can all benefit from Xyloy's advanced properties and cost-effective production.

Xyloy is very versatile.

Xyloy Injection Moldable Metal can accommodate a wide variety of coatings, conversions and finishes to meet aesthetic, chemical and/or corrosion-resistance requirements, including:

o Surface texturing

o Phosphate or chromate conversions

o E-coat

o Polyester or epoxy powder coat

o Paint

o Nickel, copper or chrome plating

o Depositions

Xyloy offers superior function.

Xyloy's outstanding combination of mechanical, physical and thermal properties combined with its unique blend of strength, stiffness, conductivity and process ability can help solve difficult engineering challenges.

Example: valves and controls

The problem: the machined metal option was four times as expensive as injection molding with reinforced engineering plastic.

The solution: using Xyloy and the same tooling resulted in low cost production but excellent parts performance.

Example: electronics (enclosure and thermal management for computer component)
The problem: required features and dimensional tolerances would have needed expensive machining.

The solution: using Xyloy and multi-cavity tooling resulted in molded-in features that eliminated the need for machining yet provided excellent flatness and dimensional accuracy.

Example: lightweight LED application

The problem: the part required multiple functions - enclosure, heat sinking and thermal management, and mounting features.

The solution: using Xyloy and multiple finishing options to accommodate aesthetics and corrosion protection provided molded-in assembly features and excellent flatness.

Xyloy is excellent choice for large runs, uses existing plastics tooling and equipment and provides superior characteristics and benefits:

o 3-dimensional net shape parts

o Standard conversions, coatings and finishes

o 125W/mK thermal conductivity

o No porosity

o Greater strength than die-cast metals

o Fast cycle times

o Minimal tool wear

Xyloy Injection Moldable Metal Alloys meet current and future regulatory requirements, including:

o RoHS/WEEE compliant

o RoHS/WEEE compliant finishes

o Non-flammable

o No halogen content

o No heavy metals

o No organics

It's indefinitely recyclable and sustainable, with fully restored properties. There is no degradation of quality, as happens with polymers. Regrind can be reused, and recycling uses standard automobile/scrap metal recovery processes.

Xyloy Injection Moldable Metal is an important new material that can expand capacity and opportunities for OEMs. Crescent Industries is now utilizing these Xyloy Injection moldable metal alloys to produce metal components for the aerospace, computer/IT, electrical/electronic, medical and industrial markets.

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