Advanced Modal Analysis, Made Simple

Irvine, CA - VTI Instruments is pleased to introduce the latest release of X-Modal, Version 3.4. X-Modal is a modal analysis software package developed by the University of Cincinnati, Structural Dynamics Research Lab (UC-SDRL).

The software provides a flexible environment for acquiring and analyzing data acquired to conduct modal analysis, ground vibration testing/measurement, MIMO shaker testing, and multi-reference impact testing.

When used with any of VTI's Smart Dynamic Signal Analyzers (DSA's), X-Modal allows users to perform turn-key modal analysis with intuitive, task oriented user interfaces, extensive MIMO modal parameter estimation algorithms, parallel display capabilities, flexible data management, and embedded DAQ capabilities.

The latest release introduces the ability to achieve multi-chassis synchronization for VTI's EMX series of hardware. This feature which incorporates IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol ensures tight synchronization of the modules when distributed over LAN. This allows for measurement data that can be synchronized across mainframes to within 100 nanoseconds, and sample rates of up to 625 kSa/s.

Version 3.4 also adds streaming data for extended time history capture. Improvements to memory speed and optimization during data acquisition provide enhanced real time displays. 

X-Modal III Modal Analysis Other feature upgrades in version 3.4 include:

The ability to export universal file format (UFF) data directly into MATLAB format (and import from these formats to X-Modal)

Enhanced MIMO excitation source signals including pseudo-random and chirp signals for SentinelEX series of hardware (frequency band limited)

Extensive sensor calibration methods

Graphics enhancement for time monitoring and graphics dynamic range

Improved Measurement State Recall

Improved graphics figure export with and without local MATLAB availability

To find out more about X-Modal visit our website, or speak directly to an applications engineer to configure the ideal modal analysis solution for your needs.

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