Advanced AU480 and AU680 Chemistry Analyzers from Olympus Now Available at Block Scientific

Block Scientific has newly added AU480 and AU680 chemistry analyzers from industry leader Olympus to its product line. This established New York based supplier of laboratory equipment is offering these devices at competitive prices at its online store. These Olympus analyzers are recognized for their good performance, reliability and safety and come with a range of advanced specifications.


The AU480 assures real-world efficiency from specimen loading to the final result, and comes with a host of features that cut operating lab costs and improve turnaround time. With an 80-sample continuous feed rack loader, this model offers true walk-away capability. Start-up and maintenance are programmable. The intelligent automation feature enables automatic handling of abnormal sample results. Other benefits include improved safety and easier communications. Both sample and reagent probes come with crash prevention to safeguard results and maximize instrument uptime.

Offering enhanced user convenience, the AU680 chemistry system comes with automation options, extended analytical reach and reduced operating costs. Its new and highly intuitive graphical user interface includes embedded videos to support key maintenance steps. It has an onboard menu capacity of up to 63 different assays. This chemistry system features triple reagent dispensing which helps perform assays requiring up to three separate reagents. The need for multiple calibrators is eliminated via “Plug and Play” calibration using 2D barcodes.

In addition to these new chemistry analyzers, Block Scientific offers the Olympus AU400 recertified. This model is also available for lease at a monthly rate with installation, training, delivery and reagent credit.

Purchase of lab equipment from Block Scientific also comes with advantages such as support for setup, training and maintenance. The company’s lease options, reagent rental programs, and recertified lab equipment are all great options for labs with budget constraints.

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