Advance Your Viewing: Kingdy Enhanced The Best Visual Feature - Advanced Wide Viewing Angle

For normal LCD panels, especially the smaller panel size, the vertical view angle is not as good as the horizontal. That's because for normal horizontal applications, end users seldom watch the screen from the top or bottom side, yet for such as the portrait and more application, the view angle becomes crucial, so you have to choose the Wide Viewing Angle LCD Panel.

Therefore Kingdy Tech further enhance the features and functionality, providing The Wide Viewing Angle characteristics of the product, whether are Aluminum Bezel, Full IP65 or Metal Chassis Panel PCs or Monitors, etc., in their high-brightness part, for 15", 19" 24" panel are additional increase in new products; not only to the viewing angle of the liquid crystal display, but also directly affect other performance parameters of the liquid crystal panel response time, the brightness and the like.

MVA panel technology get the best view from any angle with an extra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. high contrast ratio of 3000:1, with such amazing features, as well as under bright and low ambient lights allows you to have the same picture quality from any front angle view. With the additional degrees it's the perfect display to show in front of a large audience or to view other content such as pictures. This makes it perfect for public premises, especially in areas where the panel PCs are installed above eye-level locations in vertical orientation, perfect for interactive kiosks in hotels, airports, public transports, tabaco industry, as well as retail signage displays in shopping malls and restaurants and exhibit displays in trade shows.

  • Reduces the amount of light scattering in the matrix.

  • Provides a super wide viewing angle of greater than 178o.

  • Ensures that colors will be the most accurate from any angle and orientation Portrait. When viewed from any direction.

  • The bright, high contrast image, and anti-reflective coated glass panel of the displays ensure that vital information can be read clearly, even in bright environments.

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