Adjustable Blade Cartridge for Singulating PCB Carrier Strips

Now available for the K5000 multiple blade depanelizer, an adjustable blade cartidge which allows quick changeover for different size PCB panels. Now you dont have to buy a new machine or even a new blade cartridge to cut the carrier strips from various sizes of PCB. Both, the input rails and the right and left blade pair can be set to handle different widths of boards and score-lines. Re-adjusting the spacing between the blades can be done in a short time, allowing for flexible production of a variety of pre-scored PCBs

Singulate multiple prescored PCB panels in one pass with the FKN Systek K5000 or K6000 PCB depanelizer. Panels up to 10" wide can be separated by placing onto an input conveyor to be passed onto the separator blades.

The K5000 is manually fed and unloaded. The cutting area is protected by a see through cover to prevent access during operation. Separated panels slide down a gentle incline onto a conveyor belt. Up to 10 sets of blades can be placed side by side onto the separator mandrels. Changing blade sets for different PCB panels is done from the side of the machine and takes about 15 minutes.

The K6000 is an in line version of the same basic machine, with PLC, adjustable side rail input conveyor, flat belt output conveyor and SMEMA interface.

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