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Double-sided tesa 4968 UPVC film tape secures air bags within protective covering until activated. tesa sleeve, with solid fleece cover, encloses cables. tesa BodyGuard(TM) is a protective film that can be applied to every painted surface of vehicle, and is primarily suited for transit applications. tesa Glassguard(TM) protects all glass components of vehicle. Tear-resistant tesa 4308 is designed for in-line repair painting. Easy Cover® Auto combines film, paper, and tape into one product.

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Bumper to Bumper Tape Innovations by tesa...

We Put The Roll In Your Ride!

CHARLOTTE, NC - May 14, 2002 - tesa tape, inc., a global leader in the manufacture and supply of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, now offers a comprehensive line of adhesive tape products for the automotive industry. This robust line includes tapes for almost every facet of the manufacturing/assembly process, including tapes for paint masking, assembly, cable harnessing, surface protection, marking for identification purposes, and much more.

tesa On The Move With Late-Breaking Innovations

tesa continues to be a driving force in automotive tape applications. Most recently, the company introduced a revolutionary technology for harnessing cables throughout the vehicle. This unique technology, "the tesa sleeve" foregoes traditional cable "wrapping" methods by utilizing a soft, solid fleece cover for enclosing all cables. This innovation is second to none in the industryl tesa, of course, also supplies an extensive line of cable harnessing tapes for both the passenger and engine compartments.

As the demand for safety features, such as multiple airbags in automobiles, continues to grow, so does the demand for tesa's line of double-sided tape products. For some time now, the company has been working with a renowned tier one air-bag supplier, providing them with tesa 4968, a double-sided UPVC film tape, for securing air bags within their protective covering until activated. This same tape is ideal for many "holding" applications, such as permanently securing interior trim components.

As costs associated with damages during assembly and transport continue to rise, tesa has been hard at work developing state-of-the-art tapes for surface protection applications. tesa recently introduced "tesa BodyGuard(TM)", a unique protective film that can be applied to every painted surface on the vehicle! This protective layer is primarily intended for use in transit application between manufacturer and dealer. A complimentary product, "tesa Glassguard(TM)", was launched to protect all glass
parts of the vehicle, such as the windshield.

The previous section merely scratches the surface of the complete line of tesa automotive tapes.

tesa Solutions for Painting

tesa offers masking products for every phase of the painting process. An array of products is available for flange, repair, and two-tone painting. Most notably, tesa has recently announced a brand new tape for in-line repair painting - tesa 4308. This high-end tape is tear resistant and ensures ghost-free removal upon completion of the paint job. For larger scale painting jobs, tesa offers its Easy Cover® Auto, a unique configuration that combines film, paper, and tape into one product.

tesa fine-line tapes are car lengths ahead of others when it comes to two-tone painting applications. The hearty line includes moderate to premium grades of tape, including tesa 4244 PV2 - the industry benchmark for design painting - as well as a high-temperature overmask film - tesa 4379 - specially engineered to ensure flake-free de-masking!

Solutions for Cable Harnessing

A dedicated team of applications specialists is working around the globe to provide cable-harnessing solutions for the automotive industry. The robust line of products is designed for securing cables and dampening noises within passenger and engine
compartments of vehicles. Recent innovations include tesa 51606 -a polyester fleece tape - that is ideal for both bundling and noise dampening! The tesa line also includes a hearty selection of cloth, PVC, and special tapes with coated edges for harnessing and noise reduction applications.

Solutions for Surface Protection

In addition to the patented tesa BodyGuard and Glassguard products, tesa offers a myriad of tapes uniquely designed for protecting interior surfaces during the assembly process. For example, tesa offers a range of TPP (tensilized polypropylene) tapes and films for temporary protection of various internal surfaces - such as foot runner boards - as final components are added to the vehicle.

Solutions for Marking & Identification

As metal marking plates become dated technology, tesa has specially developed labels that can quickly and easily be laser-etched with appropriate information. tesa offers two versions of this elite product - tesa 6930 and 6931. The 6930 product is most commonly used as a tamper-evident label, reducing tampering during assembly, storage, and transport.

When it comes to sticking things together, no one does it better than tesa! We've got an expansive line of double-sided tapes that are ideal for every temporary and permanent attachment job conceivable. This includes applications such as fastening mirror components together, attaching interior and exterior trim components such as cup holders, radio / music information panels, heating / cooling information panels, gear box components, hood ornaments and emblems, and much more! Two primary products, tesa 4965 and 4968, set the standard for mounting and assembly applications in the automotive industry.

tesa, with its continuing commitment to research and development, is paving the way for the next level of adhesive tape solutions for the automotive industry. Be sure to get on board!

tesa tape, inc. manufactures and markets pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in four primary product categories: double-sided tapes, masking tapes, packaging tapes, and other commonly used tapes (such as duct and cellophane). tesa has its regional North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC, with manufacturing facilities in Middletown, NY; Sparta, MI; and numerous other plants around the world. tesa...offering tape solutions beyond the roll!

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