Adhesive suits pressure-sensitive applications.

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Designed in 4 x 4 in. blocks, for use with melt pots and large bulk systems, non-toxic Formula 298-404 hot-melt spray adhesive provides single-surface bonding within 30 seconds and tack times from 1 min. With output yield rated to 48 ft², formula can be applied to large substrates where temperature resistance is of concern. Viscosity at 350°F is rated at 2000 cps, and heat resistance (50 gram weight) is rated to 215°F.

Original Press Release:

Ad-Tech(TM) 298-404 Spray Hot Melt Adhesive

For pressure sensitive applications where temperature resistance is an issue!

Adhesive Technologies, the world leader in glue guns and glue stick production, announces the release of Formula 298-404, a versatile super strength glue product specifically designed in 4" x 4" blocks for use with melt pots and large bulk systems. The Ad-Tech hot melt spray adhesive is a clear, fast and economical alternative to aerosol, solvent-based adhesives and contact adhesives.

Single-surface bonding grabs within 30 seconds to speed production and offers a long tack time of up to 1-_ minutes. Combined with the high output yield of Formula 298 - up to 48 square feet - this formula is perfect for bonding large surfaces and can be applied to substrates where temperature resistance is an issue. Operators can handle the bonded material right after joining, keeping the line running smoothly and efficiently. Formula 298-404 bonds foams, fabrics, wood, metals and packaging materials in many product assembly applications.



o Ring & Ball Softening Point........292°F (145°C)
o Viscosity @ 350°F (177°C)..........2000 cps.
o Heat Resistance (50 gram weight)...215°F (102°C)
o Delay Tack Time (ASTM test)........90 seconds
o Open Time..........................30 seconds

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Take a look at a comparison between the MSDS sheets for Ad-Tech 298-400 and a typical toxic spray.

Ad-Tech 298-400

Toxicity: NON-TOXIC
Exposure limit: NO EXPOSURE LIMIT
Vapor considerations: NO VAPORS
Spill, leak and disposal procedures : NO SPECIAL PROCEDURES
Carcinogenicity: NON-CARCINOGENIC
Recommended Personal Protection: Protective gloves, long-sleeved shirts, appropriate eye protection
Other Precautions: NONE

Solvent Based Spray System

Toxicity: Highly toxic
Exposure limit: Recommended 100PPM exposure limit.
Vapor considerations: Concentrated vapors can be ignited by high intensity ignition source such as open flame, electric arc or hot surface.
Spill, leak and disposal procedures: Isolate area, ventilate and avoid breathing vapors. Use absorbent materials, place in closed containers for disposal. Avoid contamination of ground or surface waters. Do not flush to sewer. If indoor, turn off heating/cooling system. Contaminated materials must be disposed of in a permitted waste management facility.
Carcinogenicity: A toxic solvent demonstrates clear evidence of carcinogenicity in male rats exposed to 400PPM.
Recommended Personal Protection: Approved organic vapor type respirator, solvent resistant gloves; solvent resistant boots, apron, headgear and face shield.
Other Precautions: Substance is heavier than air and will collect in low areas. To determine exposure levels, monitoring should be performed regularly.

Ad-Tech 298-400 is clearly the safest and most reliable adhesive for your entire spray adhesive needs. For more information about Ad-Tech 298-400, please contact John Starer, Adhesive Technologies, 800-544-1021 x 161 or send E-mail to

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