Adhesive Rating Plate Labels replace metal plates.

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Designed for heavily textured, powder-coated, and cast-aluminum surfaces, CILS-9100HD Labels provide immediate bond and accept variable data, such as barcodes and serial numbers, straight from existing PC and laser or thermal transfer printer. Manufactured to any size or shape, labels have print-receptive surface coating that ensures printed data remains sharp, legible, and permanent, even when exposed to harsh chemicals/solvents, abrasion, and extreme temperatures from -80 to +388°C.

Original Press Release:

NEW! CILS Computer Printable Rating Plate Labels for Heavily Textured Surfaces!

Designed for heavily textured, powder-coated and cast-aluminum surfaces, the new CILS-9100HD high performance heavy-duty label range provides an immediate, permanent bond to the most difficult surfaces.

Variable data (barcodes, serial numbers etc) can be added in minutes straight from an existing PC and standard Laser or Thermal Transfer printer.

The unique CILS-9100HD print receptive surface coating ensures printed data remains sharp, legible and permanent even when exposed to extreme temperatures (-80°C to +388°C), harsh chemicals/solvents, abrasion, oils/fuel etc.

Manufactured to any size, shape and full color pre-printed corporate design, CILS-9100HD provides the ultimate labeling solution to the most challenging industrial surfaces.

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