Adhesive Paste suits flip chip image sensor applications.

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Hysol® FP5110 offers adhesion to 2- and 3-layer flexible printed circuits by bonding to polyimide and epoxy adhesive material. It provides an alternative to mechanical soldering by bonding bumps to substrate through lead-free compatible thermal compression process that eliminates need for flux application, reflow, and cleaning. Other features include 10 sec SnapCure at 180°C, storage requirements of -15°C, and compatibility with ultrasonic bonding processes.

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Henkel Develops New NCP Material for Flip Chip Image Sensor Applications

Irvine, California, December 12, 2006

Henkel Develops New NCP Material for Flip Chip Image Sensor Applications

Extending the company's non-conductive paste (NCP) underfill encapsulant product line to address the burgeoning image sensor market, Henkel today announced the commercial availability of Hysol® FP5110. The new material is specially formulated for flip chip image sensor modules and provides excellent adhesion to both 2- and 3-layer flexible printed circuits by bonding effectively to both polyimide and epoxy adhesive material.

Like other materials in Henkel's NCP product portfolio, Hysol FP5110 technology provides an alternative to traditional, mechanical soldering by bonding bumps to the substrate through a lead-free compatible thermal compression process which simplifies flip chip assembly and eliminates the need for flux application, reflow and cleaning. For image sensor assembly in particular, Hysol FP5110 provides a viable, automated substitute for manual anisotropic conductive film (ACF) processes, which are supplied in reel form and are time and labor intensive.

"As image sensors are a key component of nearly half of all mobile phones produced today, efficient, automated processes are essential for high-speed, cost-effective manufacturing," comments Robert Chu, Henkel's Global Product Manager for CSP Underfills, Electronic Interconnect and Image Sensors. "Hysol FP5110's dispensable formulation enables automated material deposition, tighter process control and exponentially faster cycle times than that of manual, operator-applied ACF materials. For flip chip image sensors being incorporated into modern mobile devices, NCP technology provides tremendous time and cost reduction benefits."

In addition to its cycle time and cost saving advantages, Hysol FP5110 provides numerous other benefits including compatibility with thermal compression and ultrasonic bonding processes for maximum manufacturing flexibility, an energy saving, low temperature 10 second SnapCure at 180°C and storage requirements of -15°C which helps eliminate freeze thaw voids often associated with -40°C storage.

"As image sensor use within mobile phones continues to accelerate, manufacturers must stay competitive by seeking out process-enhancing assembly solutions to effectively increase UPH and reduce overall labor costs," concludes Chu. "Hysol FP5110 is the ACF replacement these firms have long needed."

For more information on Hysol FP5110 or any of Henkel's advanced NCP products, log onto or call the company's Irvine, California headquarters at 949-789-2500.

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