Adhesive Melter offers field-interchangeable platen faces.

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Featuring touch-screen PLC HMI, DM55 DynaDrum(TM) offers adhesive flow rate of up to 600 lb/hr, and up to 25,000 lb of platen force. It incorporates modular heated platen offering heat capacity of 35 kW at operating temperature of 400°F, and features fully adjustable drum retention system, 7-day timer, self-diagnostics, and drum low and empty indicators. Unit utilizes standard 240 Vac, 3-phase power to operate PLC, platen, and optional 2 hose, head and auxiliary zones.

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ITW Dynatec Offers New High Melt Rate Bulk Adhesive Melter

Hendersonville, Tennessee, October 22, 2008. ITW Dynatec announces the new DM55 DynaDrum(TM) Bulk Adhesive Melter. Featuring a touch-screen PLC Human/Machine Interface, the DM55 offers field-interchangeable platen faces to accommodate various adhesives, a high adhesive flow rate of up to 600lb/hr, and up to 25,000 lbs of platen force. Standard features include a 7-day timer, self-diagnostics, temperature setback, warning light, and drum low and empty indicators.

Incorporating a modular heated platen offering a heat capacity of 35kW at an operating temperature of 400°F (204°C), the DM55 Bulk Melter provides efficient, reliable adhesive supply. The versatile platen has interchangeable, hard anodized, Teflon® coated faces mounted on dual 8 inch cylinders that deliver up to 8000 lbs of force. Optionally, the cylinders can be operated on low-pressure hydraulic (air-over-oil) service at pressures up to 250 psi, delivering up to 25,000 pounds of force. Its unique pneumatically actuated dual sealing system is designed to adapt to variations in drum diameters providing optimum seal effectiveness regardless of the application. Due to its superior sealing characteristics, the pneumatic seal also protects the platen from sinking when the system is in standby mode.

The fully adjustable drum retention system quickly adapts to common drum diameters. The retention system permits rapid drum changing and retains both fiber and steel drums securely in place. A proximity sensor mounted on the DM55 detects a low adhesive level in the drum and provides an input to the controller, which then alerts the operator sufficiently in advance to permit drum changing with minimal interference with product dispensing. A second proximity sensor is also included to alert the operator when the drum is fully consumed. When actuated, the empty sensor provides an input to the controller, which then displays an empty warning on the control panel.

The DM55 DynaDrum(TM) Bulk Adhesive Melter utilizes standard 240Vac, three-phase power to operate the programmable logic controller (PLC), platen and optional two hose, head and auxiliary zones. An ITW Dynatec piston pump having a 15:1 ratio is standard. Optional 20cc, 30cc, and 45cc high accuracy gear pumps driven using a 1hp electric motor are also available with optional 380/480Vac power configurations.

The DM55's integrated PLC and control panel provides the operator interface to the equipment, permitting control and monitoring of the melter operation. The PLC has built-in self-diagnostics for simplified fault analysis, and the control panel displays status indications and warnings of critical conditions such as drum low or empty. In addition, a seven-day timer, automatic temperature setback, pump runaway control, and ram pressure and speed control are included as standard features. Optional Profibus or Ethernet connection offers the added flexibility of permitting remote operation of the DM55 Bulk Adhesive Melter.

ITW Dynatec designs and manufactures a full range of industrial adhesive applicators and hot melt and cold glue equipment for the Nonwovens, Converting, Product Assembly, and Packaging industries worldwide. Dynatec's fluid dispensing systems are used in the manufacturing process of diapers, envelopes, automotive trim, filtration, structural doors and panels, paper and plastic bags, and various other consumer and industrial products.

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