Adhesive Foam Tape is suited for direct skin application.

Press Release Summary:

Bioflex Rx1152P is white polyethylene foam, single-coated with rubber-based medical adhesive suited for bandages, monitoring sensors, and personal care items. Adhesive is composed of gelatinous thermoplastic material that conforms like liquid. It is not water-sensitive and will not dry out. Supplied on 60 lb white kraft release liner, tape provides immediate gentle bond to skin and allows pain-free removal.

Original Press Release:

Adhesive Foam Tape for Direct Skin Application

Windsor, Connecticut - November 16, 2004.... Scapa Medical has introduced Bioflex Rx1152P, a white polyethylene foam, single coated with a high molecular weight rubber based medical adhesive for direct skin applications such as bandages, monitoring sensors, and personal care items.

The adhesive used on Rx1152P is composed of a gelatinous thermoplastic material that behaves like a solid adhesive but conforms like a liquid. The adhesive resembles a hydrogel but is not water sensitive. While it provides adhesion properties similar to those of a hydrogel, it will not dry out, eliminating packaging and storage problems. Rx1152P provides an immediate gentle bond to skin, and allows pain-free removal. The product is supplied on a 60# white kraft release liner.

For additional information, contact Scapa Applications Support at (800) 653-5312, or access the Scapa Medical website at Scapa North America develops innovative specialty adhesive films and tapes for a range of markets. Major markets include aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, industrial assembly, medical, and printing and graphics.

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