Adhesive Dots mark aisles, pathways, and safety areas.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 2 and 3.5 in. diameters, SafetyTac Dots feature peel and stick application, eliminating cure time, fumes, and cleanup associated with paint. Products are suited for high traffic industrial areas and will not tear or peel over time. Smart Stripe Dots, made of ultra-thin but durable material, can withstand heavy industrial environments but can also be used on carpeted floor. In addition, dots are available as arrows for marking out directions.

Original Press Release:

SafetyTac Dots is a Creative Way to Mark Aisles, Pathways or Safety Areas and is Now Offered through Creative Safety Supply

SUMMARY:  SafetyTac Dots are superior to paint in quality and durability.

Creative Safety Supply is now offering a creative and different approach to marking off safety areas, aisles or pathways by the use of SafetyTac Dots.  The bright color dots are a great tool for any 5s safety program for all types of organizations that want to implement safety in the workplace or environment.   Installation is made easy and simple by the peel--stick application.  The use of SafetyTac Dots is more durable than using paint and there is no dry time, cure time, fumes or messy clean up that paint causes by reducing productivity.  One warehouse supervisor commented, “We switched out all our painted aisle lines for the SafetyTac Dots and we could not be any happier with the quality and durability the dots have over paint.”

The SafetyTac Dots are great for high traffic industrial areas where there are forklifts or pallets moving constantly back and forth.  The high quality material used for the tape will not tear or peel over time.  The advantage of the dots compared to an entire line of tape is that if replacement is needed, only the dot needs to be replaced and not the entire line of floor tape.  Among the Dot tapes is the Smart Stripe Dots that are made of ultra-thin but durable material that can withstand heavy industrial environments but also can be used on carpeted floor which make it virtually useful for all applications including office and warehouse floors.  The dots are also available as arrows that make a great choice for marking out directions.  The arrow dots can be used for production flow work, inventory management and pedestrian directional aids.  The use of arrow dots can be used in a multitude of different ways creating safety for all employees or pedestrians.

Please visit for more information about floor dots or other safety products that will promote safety in any organization.  Or call toll-free (866)777-1360 and speak with a professional representative.

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