Adhesive bonds plastics in seconds without crazing.

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UV/visible light curing Ultra Light-Weld® 3094 Series forms clear bonds and does not cause crazing or blooming on plastics. Bonds have gap filling capability and maintain strength through thermal cycling as well as shock, vibration, and impact. Material, available in viscosities of 1,000 cp, 8,000 cp, and 25,000 cp non-flowing gel, cures upon exposure to wavelengths ranging from 300-500 nm. Adhesive is 100% solvent and ODC free.

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Ultra Light-Weld® 3094 Series Adhesives Bond Plastics in Seconds Without Crazing

A family of UV/visible light curing adhesives, Ultra Light-Weld® 3094 Series, forms strong, durable bonds to most plastics in only a few seconds. The bonds formed are clear and cause no crazing or blooming on plastics. Bonds have excellent gap filling capability, maintain bond strength through thermal cycling as well as shock, vibration and impact.

Ultra Light-Weld® 3094 Series forms strong bonds on an expanded array of plastic and other substrates including, UV absorbing clear or tinted plastics, as well as other semi-transparent materials such as, FR-4 circuit boards and white ceramics. Recommended plastics include polystyrene, polycarbonate, acrylic (PMMA), PET, and PVC.

Typical applications include laminating and packaging, bonding polystyrene novelty items, polycarbonate housings, metal to plastic constructions, and acrylic shelving and racks.

The Ultra Light-Weld 3094 Series materials are available in viscosities of 1,000 cP, 8,000 cP, and 25,000 cP non-flowing gel, to meet most dispensing and application requirements. They are excellent gap fillers between imperfectly fitting plastic parts.

The adhesives cure upon exposure to wavelengths from ranging from 300-500 nanometers producing fast and deep cures. 3094 is sensitive to the spectral output of both visible and UV curing wavelengths, so it cures faster and deeper with lower intensity, less expensive lamps compared to adhesives that respond only to UV light.

Ultra Light-Weld® products provide the performance advantages of "Bond on Demand" assembly; i.e., no cure until adhesive is exposed to light; allowing precise alignment of parts and generous adjustment time prior to instant light-driven cure.

Ultra Light-Weld® adhesives are 100% solvent and ODC free. Along with their excellent depth and speed of cure, these solvent-free products are an ideal replacement where elimination of ODC's or ODC containing adhesives is desired. Crazing of plastics is also eliminated through use of safe, convenient Ultra Light-Weld® adhesives.

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