Adhesive bonds glass and metal in seconds.

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Multi-Cure® 605 Series, suited for glass and glass-to-metal assembly, produces invisible bonds and exhibits resistance to moisture and thermal cycling. Capable of forming acceptable bonds on irregular surfaces, adhesives can fill irregularities in bonded joints and cure through thickness of ¼ in. within seconds when exposed to 365 nm UV light. Multi-Cure® feature enables material to be cured with heat or DYMAX activators in areas that light cannot reach.

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High Peel and Cleavage Strength of Adhesive Line Creates Exceptional Bonds to Glass and Metal in Seconds!

A new line of adhesives from DYMAX® Corporation, called Multi-Cure® 605 Series, for glass, and glass to metal assembly, exhibits a wide range of high performance properties including excellent tensile shear, high clarity, and exceptional peel and impact strength.

Multi-Cure 605 glass bonders are ideal for automotive glass and fixture assembly, and for bonding trophies, glass furniture, lighting, stemware, crystal figurines, architectural glass, glass art and novelties. Key characteristics that make the 605 Series adhesives suitable for these applications include invisible bonds, high adhesion, toughness and durability, as well as resistance to moisture and thermal cycling. Though most applications require the joining of mating surfaces, the 605 Series forms acceptable bonds where irregular surfaces cause less than perfect fit. The adhesives can fill irregularities in bonded joints and cure through a thickness of ¼" in seconds, to create stronger bonds and better seals.

Besides delivering the highest levels of strength, durability and appearance, DYMAX adhesives are formulated to cure in only a few seconds upon exposure to moderate intensity 365 nm wavelength UV light. Fast cures provide optimized productivity in automated and hand assembly processes. Additionally, DYMAX 605 Series glass bonders do not cure until exposed to light to allow for precise positioning prior to bonding. Even under intensities as low as 10 mW/cm² many of the adhesives are capable of full cures in as little as 30 seconds and may even be cured using "black light". Their Multi-Cure® feature means they can also be cured with heat or DYMAX activators in areas that light cannot reach.

Multi-Cure 605 Series adhesives are available in several viscosities, from very low viscosity to non-flowing gels for easy dispensing. They are 100% solvent-free and worker friendly.

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