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Address Manager facilitates customer-specific marketing.

Press Release Summary:

Address Management Solution combines software and professional client services to consolidate client centric datasets. System scrubs, corrects, updates, and cleanses address data by applying geospatial technology. Unique identifiers are then assigned to create single, accurate, and multi-dimensional views of each customer within an organization's data warehouse.

Original Press Release:

DMTI Spatial(TM), Canada's Address Experts, Launch Address Management Solution To Help Companies Save Millions

Markham, ON December 17, 2002 - DMTI Spatial, Canada's leading mapping and address management experts, announce the release of their new Address Management Solution (AMS), a powerful combination of software and professional client services designed to clean, consolidate and uncover the hidden potential of client centric datasets.

Research has shown that over 40% of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations fail, due largely to non-standardized and dirty data located in databases throughout the corporate enterprise. The most significant problem encountered is address data, which is the critical component used to link records to create a consolidated customer view.

Within the world of Canadian business geographics, DMTI Spatial are considered the industry experts when it comes to understanding address information. Their Product Development Team track and maintain over 14 million individual addresses monthly, covering over 88% of the Canadian population. This experience allows DMTI to clean, standardize, maintain and perform accurate customer address linkages to create a consolidated customer view.

"To know your business is to have a consolidated view of your customers. Our AMS technology has demonstrated exceptional efficiencies over today's standard address matching packages. Apply that to the bottom line and you could be talking millions," said John Fisher, President and CEO of DMTI Spatial. "What's more, treating each address as a discrete entity facilitates the accurate assignment of enhanced information such as demographic and psychographic clustering codes, which deepen the marketer's understanding of the customer, and facilitates customer specific marketing and service."

DMTI Spatial's AMS technology scrubs, corrects, updates and cleanses address data by applying a powerful geospatial technology. The system then assigns unique identifiers that can be used to create a single, accurate and multi-dimensional view of each customer within an organization's data warehouse. As an integral part of the AMS technology, DMTI Spatial will manage and incorporate changes and anomalies of address data for the client.

Corporations that invest in data quality and address management technology are able to realize a strategic advantage by uncovering opportunities and relationships that would otherwise be impossible to detect through traditional methods.

About DMTI Spatial:

DMTI Spatial are the mapping technology and address management experts. Our best of breed solutions enable clients to harness the power of geography to better understand their customers, optimize resources, realize opportunities and maximize profitability. DMTI Spatial is the creator of: CanMap®, a nation-wide, precision-built street map and routing database; GeoPinpoint(TM), an innovative suite of geocoding and address management software; and a comprehensive portfolio of points of interest data, census and postal geography, topographic maps and elevation data. To find out more, or call toll free: 1-877-906-6674.

For further information please contact:
Don DeGenova
Vice-President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances
DMTI Spatial
Toll Free: 1-877-477-3684 x2011

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