Additive removes moisture and prevents acid in AC/R units.

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To prevent sludge and corrosion breakdowns, DRY-R(TM) eliminates H2O in air conditioning/refrigeration (AC/R) systems by changing its chemical composition to low-viscosity, non-oily, soluble, and residue-free liquid. It then flows freely throughout system without chemically attaching to commonly-found contaminants. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, product is compatible with all refrigerants/oils and applied to low-pressure service port of fully-charged, operating system.

Original Press Release:

Cliplight's New DRY-R(TM) Eliminates Moisture and Prevents Acid in AC/R Units

DRY-R(TM) changes chemical composition of H2O to prevent sludge & corrosion breakdowns in AC/R systems; Also increases overall refrigeration efficiency allowing for greater liquid line drier capacity.

Cliplight Mfg., Toronto, a leading HVAC/R aftermarket tool manufacturer, has introduced DRY-R(TM), the air conditioning/refrigeration (AC/R) industry's first true moisture-removing additive that eliminates H2O in commercial, industrial and residential AC/R systems by changing its chemical composition rather than masking or converting it to oil-like substances.

DRY-R is a revolutionary cure and long-term prevention against moisture, which leads to acid corrosion, sludge build-ups, and reduced system operating efficiencies. DRY-R's introduction follows five years of product development, lab testing as well as last year's successful test injection of dozens of AC/R units by a voluntary field service technician network in North America and abroad. DRY-R chemically changes H2O to a low viscosity, non-oily, highly soluble and residue-free liquid that flows freely throughout the system without chemically attaching to commonly-found AC/R system contaminants.

DRY-R chemically reacts with system H2O resulting in new molecularly reassembled liquids that are completely soluble with AB, mineral, POE and PAG oils used in refrigeration systems. Instead of a particulate, gel or soft polymer formation, the new liquids stabilize the system by lowering the overall H2O ppm within the oil. After the chemical reaction, H2O can lo longer attach chemically to AC/R system contaminants and form a damaging sludge as it commonly does in non-DRY-R systems.

In turn, this moisture reduction within the system and the liquid line filter/drier, also allows for greater future moisture reclamation capacity within the filter/drier.

DRY-R, which comes in a one-ounce vacuum-packed can with its own charging hose, is compatible with all refrigerants/oils and is applied to the low pressure service port of a fully-charged, operating system. When the primary service objective is to remove moisture, DRY-R substitutes for filter/drier change-outs and triple evacuations when not feasible, while simultaneously increasing existing filter/drier capabilities.

Additionally, DRY-R offers:

o No Masking: Some current moisture eliminators use chemicals to mix with H2O. This process doesn't remove moisture, but lowers the freezing point and prevents ice crystals from developing and clogging thermostatic expansion valves (TXV) and other small orifices. Thus, moisture and the danger of corrosion still remain in the system.

o No Oil-Like Substances: Other additives utilize chemicals which don't eliminate AC/R moisture, but instead form particulate, gels, or oil-like polymer substances that potentially collect contaminants. These can produce sludge accumulations that lead to system failure.

o Green: DRY-R is a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly substance.

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