Additive makes LLDPE film clearer than base resin.

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High-clarity slip antiblock, Product 102286 eliminates loss in clarity that often accompanies antiblock use by raising film clarity well above that of base resin. Product makes film up to 65% clearer 50% more glossy than base polymer. Mineral-based additive has narrow particle size distribution and spherical particles that have less impact on haze than irregular particles normally found in agents.

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Ampacet Offers Antiblock Additive Masterbatch that Makes LLDPE Films Clearer than the Base Resin

Ampacet 102286 Cuts Haze as much as 65%, Boosts Gloss up to 50% vs. the Original Polymer

Tarrytown, NY, June 13, 2005 - When inorganic antiblocking agents are added to linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) films, film haze generally increases. Although clarifying agents can correct this to a degree, clarity still falls well below that of the original resin. Ampacet Product 102286, a high-clarity slip antiblock, eliminates the loss in clarity that often accompanies antiblock use by raising film clarity well above that of the base resin.

Tests show the new additive masterbatch makes LLDPE film as much as 65 percent clearer than the base polymer. It also improves gloss as much as 50 percent. Its unique action derives from the cooperative effects of proprietary antiblocking, clarifying and amide slip components.

"Ampacet 102286 is truly unique and is currently being patented," says Brian McKinley, Ampacet's Strategic Business Manager for Films. "The industry has long accepted that antiblock addition imposes a penalty on film optics. Our new antiblock does just the opposite, and so yields many benefits.

"By greatly improving film clarity and gloss, it gives our customers what they have long asked for and lets them create more compelling products. Its effect on clarity also can reduce the need to blend LDPE into LLDPE films, which can lower raw material costs. It also can lower costs because it has excellent slip and antiblock properties, so less of it is often needed compared to other antiblocks."

The mineral-based antiblock in Ampacet 102286 has a narrow particle size distribution and uniquely spherical particles that have much less impact on haze than the irregular particles normally found in these agents. The particles also have a low porosity, so they have fewer tendencies to absorb other additives, and a low level of impurities.

"The various components in this additive masterbatch work together to produce striking benefits," says Dr. Prakash Patel, Director R&D. "In addition to improving clarity and gloss, it also elevates LLDPE film crystallization temperature. One test series found that a 2 percent usage level of Ampacet Product 102286 masterbatch increases LLDPE film crystallization temperature from 107.6°C to 115°C.

"This effect allows film lines to run hotter and thus at higher speed. We believe the faster crystallization also plays a role in the gloss improvement by creating smaller and more uniform crystals."

Trials with a variety of LLDPE films have consistently borne out the benefits of Ampacet Product 102286. In one case, a 1.25-mil blown LLDPE film containing 2 percent of this masterbatch reduced haze by 60 percent (actual value of 8 percent) and increased gloss by 30 percent more (a value of 115) compared to the barefoot resin. In another case, a 2-mil LLDPE cast film containing 1 percent of the new antiblock masterbatch lowered film blocking force 55 percent and improved haze 60 percent versus the original film.

"We see this masterbatch as being especially useful in applications like bakery films, where it allows for reduced LDPE content," says McKinley, "as well as in cast or blown shrink films, where it allows for greater clarity and gloss. Increased shrink-film clarity and gloss should help suppliers move their products up-market to higher-value uses."

Ampacet Corporation is the world's largest volume global masterbatch supplier and offers the broadest range of custom color, special effect, black, white, and specialty additive masterbatches for extrusion, molding, and a multitude of other processes and applications. Founded in 1937, it now employs more than 1,400 people and has revenues exceeding $625 million. Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet Corporation operates technical and color development centers and manufacturing sites throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

For more information on Ampacet 102286 high-clarity slip antiblock, contact: Brian McKinley, Ampacet, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591. Tel: (914) 631-6600. E-mail: Or visit:

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