Additive creates shear stability to extend life of fluid.

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Used to formulate finished water glycol hydraulic fluids, UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate provides fire resistance while protecting equipment under high-temperature, high-pressure operating conditions. Biodegradable and water-soluble solution helps reduce pump wear, prevents corrosion, and does not form sludge. Uses include hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear, and piston pumps in metal processing, die-casting, and mining industries.

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Dow Introduces New Water Glycol Chemistry: UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate

Midland, MI - May 19, 2008

The Dow Chemical Company will introduce UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate during the STLE Tradeshow and Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is a new, patent pending water glycol hydraulic fluid technology. UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate enables production of formulations with outstanding shear stability when compared to existing, conventional water glycol hydraulic fluids. It provides improved fire resistance while protecting equipment under severe operating conditions.

UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is designed for hydraulic systems utilizing vane, gear, and piston pumps in the metal processing, die-casting and mining industries. UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is based on optimized Dow polymer chemistry and a new high performance additive package. UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is designed specifically for use under high temperature, high pressure conditions like those found in steel and aluminum metal processing and die-casting. The favorable environmental profile of fluids formulated with UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate also makes them an excellent choice in these and other applications.

Features and Benefits
There are many advantages to using UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate to formulate finished water glycol hydraulic fluids. First and foremost is the ability to reduce pump wear along with improved stability to extend the life of the fluid - saving users time and money due to lower maintenance and fluid replacement costs. As is the case with most polyalkylene glycol chemistries, UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate does not form sludge and will last longer than other, conventional fire resistant hydraulic fluids. Further, UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate meets the requirements for FM approval (6930 Standard, January 2002). It also helps prevent corrosion on steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and brass, while also being compatible with zinc.

High Environmental Standards
UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is designed to meet high environmental, safety and health performance standards. In addition, the fluid does not contain secondary amines which can be irritating to the skin. It is also readily biodegradable, according to OECD 301B. UCON ADVANTA(TM) Hydrolube Concentrate is water soluble and easily treatable in most waste treatment ponds.

Global Presence
UCON(TM) Fluids & Lubricants has been a pioneer in the development of fire resistant hydraulic fluids with over 50 years of experience in formulating products for demanding applications. The spirit of innovation continues on as Dow develops the next generation of products to meet the needs of customers throughout the world.

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