AddisonMckee's New Automated Tool Change Tooling System for HG150-IDOD Tube Sizing Machine Leads to Faster Changeover

AddisonMckee recently developed a new solution for automated tool handling, making tool changeover faster and safer, for an aerospace tube manufacturing customer. The customer currently utilizes AddisonMckee IDOD tube sizing machines to form tubes in the 2.00 – 6.00” diameter range. The tool sets utilized in these large sizing machines can weigh up to 300 lbs. so loading and unloading using an overhead crane system can be quite cumbersome and time consuming.

Regional Sales Manager, Don Miller, stated “Our customers are very safety conscious, and are continuously looking for faster and safer methods of tool handling.” He continued, “Initial project discussions centred on our FM-SIO machine design that holds several tooling sets within a carousel that rotates for tool change. The project evolved into a high tech pick-and-place system that uses an overhead gantry to change the tooling sets thus eliminating manual handling. Tooling changeover time from part-to-part for pre-programmed tubes is approximately 90 seconds. “

Tool Identification is Key to Proper Tool Positioning

Tools are securely stored within a rack system that holds up to (10) ID Finger/OD Jaw sets. The HG150-IDOD control system links with the Tool Changer System and utilizes Tooling Identification to store the tools in programmed storage slots and retrieve the proper tooling set for a chosen operation. Once the operator recalls a saved sizing program the machine retrieves and installs the associated tooling set and then the machine automatically adjusts to the pre-program parameters.

Furthermore, the Tool Identification device uses an RF-ID Tag system installed onto the tooling holder and an RF-ID Reader at each tool storage location to verify tools are returned to the appropriate position. The overhead gantry system uses electric servos to provide precise control and positioning for tooling retrieval, installation and storage. To provide a safe workplace, the automated cell is designed with perimeter guarding, interlocked gating and safety scanners.

The HG150-IDOD machine was supplied with the AddisonMckee patent-pending Hydra-GREEN hydraulic power pack and control circuit to improve safety and reduce electrical power consumption, operating sound level, and hydraulic oil usage. Additionally, the machine included the DigiView Control System which is an advanced digital control that provides maximum control of machine sequences including velocity, step cycle, multi-hit functionality, and numerous other advantages.

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