ADARA Delivers SDN WAN Optimization, Services Choreography and Network Orchestration as Part of the HP Networking SDN Ecosystem

ADARA Comet and ADARA Hercules now available through HP SDN App Store

BARCELONA, Spain - HP Discover -- ADARA Networks®, a global software company in the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) space, today announced that ADARA Comet and ADARA Hercules now provides WAN optimization, services choreography and network orchestration through the HP VAN (Virtual Application Networks) Controller and will be sold through the HP SDN App Store. ADARA showcased these solutions in the SDN Pavilion at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona at the Fira Barcelona GranVia in Barcelona, Spain, December 2 to 4, 2014.

The HP SDN App Store provides HP's ecosystem partners a go-to-market platform together with consulting and support services that will enable customers to uncover the business value of SDN.

ADARA Comet maximizes WAN bandwidth by eliminating the slow start/fast drop-off "saw tooth" behavior of legacy TCP. Comet enables multipath L2/L3 end-to-end SDN control. ADARA Comet implements a novel enhanced QS+ using a standard mechanism to provide feedback to TCP/IP. Comet can send TCP traffic at an exponentially higher rate than allowed by traditional congestion control mechanisms. To achieve this goal, Comet utilizes information about the network state, configuration and flow rates and initiates explicit interaction with switches/routers along the network paths.

ADARA Hercules enables complete services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. Hercules also provides centralized management, configuration and monitoring using a workflow-based user interface. Workflow execution can be visualized as a flow chart or a graph. Services provisioning management is auto-scalable and the infrastructure configuration automation is OPEX-sensitive.

"ADARA is pleased to provide comprehensive SDN solutions that deliver true business value throughout the HP ecosystem," said Eric Johnson, chairman and CEO, ADARA Networks. "Working with the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller, we are able to enhance our ability to maximize WAN bandwidth and manage, configure and monitor traffic workflow by combining ADARA Comet and ADARA Hercules with the network awareness of the VAN controller."

"The HP SDN App Store is the industry's leading ecosystem of robust innovations, offering customers high-value use cases in their migration to SDN," said Michael Zhu, senior director, Global Solutions and Alliances, HP Networking. "Customers can easily access and deploy solutions like ADARA Comet and ADARA Hercules to accelerate growth and reduce cost."

ADARA is a member of the HP Networking SDN Ecosystem.  The company recently signed a distribution agreement with HP to distribute these ADARA products through the HP SDN App Store.

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ADARA Networks is an industry leading developer of production-ready and vendor-neutral Software Defined Networking (SDN), Virtual Computing, and Networking solutions.  ADARA SDN is a complete end-to-end solution including Network Functions Virtualization, WAN optimization, network monitoring, management, and configuration, security, services/infrastructure choreography and network orchestration. By enabling more flexible, secure, and high performing IT infrastructure environments, ADARA SDN empowers enterprise customers to develop new revenue streams, increase bottom line and net profits, and return on investment (ROI). For more information, please visit:


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