Adaptive Deprag Fastening System offers maximum torque of 15 Nm.

Press Release Summary:

Adaptive Deprag Fastening System delivers a maximum speed of 8000 rpm and feed stroke force 3500 N. Unit offers programmable feed strokes such as speed, distance and force monitoring and controlling. Product is operated on 3 phase 400-480V, 50-60Hz voltage and features interchangeable mouthpiece, cylinder activated jaws. Unit is embedded with DFS software that helps in maintaining result and data, parameterization programs.

Original Press Release:

Adaptive DFS Deprage Fastening System

The new adaptive assembly unit ADAPTIVE DFS combines EC-Servo screwdriving technology with EC-Servo stroke technology

The constant data recorded by the control modules enable the precise- and automatic recognition of all relevant penetration points.

Time-critical- and essential parameter changes are autonomously performed by the fastening system. The system ensures the ideal processing parameter, independently from the tolerances of the product or fastener. It significantly reduces the effort of preliminary analysis and parameterization. Costly and extensive repair procedures that are caused by inaccurately formed holes, jammed screws or ruined threads are kept to a minimum.

The best possible processing-parameter that have been automatically adapted to suit any situation, guarantee that the parts to be connected (fastener and product), are subjected to the least amount of strain. The additionally captured processing-data allow an increased process documentation.

Separate electronic controls for the EC-Servo screwdriver and the EC-Servo stroke technology, in combination with the extensive parameterization possibilities, ensure the highest flexibility during the processing of multiple materials. The implementation of special tightening sequences for new fasteners and materials is possible. Especially for the assembly of future materials such as carbon-fiber and CFRP, the controlled feed stroke allows that exact positioning and trigger-points are clearly defined.


  • HMI main menu
    • Intuitive operator guidance
    • Extensive functions
  • Programs
    • Unlimited parameterization of assembly sequences, fasteners and materials
    • Archiving of assembly sequences
    • Unlimited data storage 
  • Results and data management
    • Graph overlaying for trend analysis
    • Archiving of parameters and results
  • Customized results display
    • Generate your very own results data screen 
  • Service
    • Test of function modules
    • Test of system status
    • I/O test
  • Info
    • System data
    • Manuals
  • Settings
    • User administration
    • 13 languages
    • System settings
  • Maintenance
    • Preset preventive maintenance operations
    • Generate your own preventive maintenance operations


  • Adaptive fastening
    • Automated adjustment of parameters
    • Highest process security
    • Shortest possible cycle time
  • Thrust applied to the center of the assembly axis
    • Direct transfer of thrust into the assembly axis
    • No lateral forces on guide mechanism, etc.
    • Lightweight design
    • Less wear and tear
  • Head first feeding principle
    • No damage to the screws‘ tip and threads
    • Screw preload function (buffer) optimizes the cycle time
  • Interchangeable mouthpiece without tools
    • No need to disconnect any cables or hoses
    • 1. Push release button
    • 2. Pull off mouthpiece 
  • Actively controlled jaws Cylinder activated jaws
    • Perfect alignment of screw
    • Less wear and tear
  • Lock stroke for underneath applications
    • Socket automatically moves behind the fastener and keeps it in position
  • Connection to robot
    • From top
    • From backside
  • Feeding technology
    • Blow feeding
    • On-board magazine
  • Support tools to assist during commissioning
    • Tripod, adjustable: support manual alignment procedures, i.e. on curved surfaces
    • Mounts to quick-change chuck
    • Documentation of assembly space and position possible through camera 
  • Support tools to assist during commissioning
    • Laser pointer for fast and precise teach in process, laser mounts to quick-change chuck
    • Vision system with cross lines
    • Documentation of assembly space and position possible through camera 
  • Technical data
    • Speed: max. 8000 rpm
    • Torque: max. 15 Nm
    • Feed stroke force: max. 3500 N, freely programmable
    • Feed stroke freely programmable: Speed, distance and force monitoring and controlling
    • Downholder force: max. 1200 N, freely programmable
    • Weight: 35 kg
    • Assembly directions: any (from above, underneath, at any angle)
  • Maintenance friendly
    • Modular design
    • Trending information at the HMI
    • Recording, analyzing and displaying of load results and data
    • Quick-change connectors for all media
    • Quick-change adapters for many robot brands and models

ADAPTIVE DFS Integration

  • Hand shake with robot
    • Communication via bus or I/O
    • External access to individual process steps, i.e. the screw feeding process
    • Extensive data exchange available
  • Media management
    • Quick-change connectors on the ADAPTIVE DFS
    • Customized cable configuration
  • Feeding technology
    • Sword feeder
    • Vibration bowl feeder of the new generation eacy feed Both options operate independent of power supply (110-240V, 50-60Hz) for international use without adjustment.
    • Belt hopper with up to 20l fill capacity 

ADAPTIVE DFS Controller technology

  • DPU200
    • The DPU200 is the most efficient controller of the DPU series. The controller has a 15“ display with XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) for optimized image visualization.
    • Industrial PC Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Control cabinet
    • Operating voltage: 3/(N)/PE 400-480V, 50-60Hz 

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