Adapter Power Chips accelerate adoption of universal charging.

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Primary-side flyback controller UCC28700 (3 x 3 mm SOT-23 package) and TPS2511 intelligent USB charging port controller (3 x 5 mm MSOP) conserve standby power to help smartphone users consume less electricity with their 5-W cube adapters, even when left plugged into wall. While UCC28700 achieves standby power rating of less than 30 mW and requires 1.5 µA startup current, TPS2511 complies with USB Battery Charging 1.2 specifications for charging adapters of smartphones or 5 V tablets.

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TI Adapter Power Chips Conserve Energy, Speed Adoption of Universal Charging

Mobile charging advances with power- and space-saving AC adapter controllers for smartphones, universal USB charging controller

DALLAS -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ:TXN) today introduced innovative high-efficiency power management controllers that save standby power to help smartphone users consume less electricity with their 5-watt cube adapters, even when they are left plugged into the wall. The new UCC28700 primary-side controllers will enable smaller cubes, wireless power charging stations and other AC-powered equipment. TI also introduced the TPS2511, an intelligent USB charging port controller that complies with USB Battery Charging 1.2 specifications for charging adapters of popular smartphones or 5-V tablets.

No-load adapter power

Phone and adapter makers strive to meet the new 5-Star no-load power consumption rating of <30mW, as set by the European Commission's Integrated Product Policy (EC IPP). The highly efficient UCC28700 flyback controller achieves this low standby power rating with the smallest solution size and component count resulting in the greatest power density. For more information, free samples and to order evaluation modules, visit:

Key features and benefits of the UCC28700:

-- Lowest standby power: Achieves <30-mW standby power consumption and requires only 1.5-uA startup current.
-- Highest integration with primary side regulation: Eliminates need for opto-feedback circuit; wide VDD input voltage range and hysteresis with low IDD standby current results in smaller capacitors; high-frequency allows smaller transformers; and requires no additional external circuitry.

Making smartphone and tablet charging universal

Today's mobile users are frustrated with phone and tablet 5-W and 10-W chargers that only support one brand-name device. Consumers often need a new charger when they purchase a new mobile device, adding to the number of adapters in a home - and ultimately adding to landfills. TI's TPS2511 intelligent USB charge controller meets the USB Battery Charging 1.2 specification, and provides additional charge algorithms to the system. It combines a current-limit USB power switch and a USB dedicated charging port identification circuit to automatically detect USB 2.0 and 3.0 data line voltages and provide the correct electrical signature to safely charge compliant devices. For more information, free samples and evaluation modules visit:

Key features and benefits of the TPS2511:

-- Meets regulatory requirements set forth by USB Battery Charging 1.2, as well as the Chinese Telecom Specification YD/T 1591-2009.
-- Supports many popular smartphones or 5-V tablets using universal charging capability.

Speed time-to-market with adapter charging reference designs

In addition to evaluation modules, TI introduced several new reference designs for download that include the TPS2511, UCC28700 and other TI power management circuits. Designers can access the following reference designs by clicking on the links:

-- Universal AC input, 5-V, 2.1-A smart USB charger cube (TPS2511, UCC28700)
-- Universal car charger for USB devices (TPS2511, TSP54250)
-- Dual-port USB universal car charger (TPS2511, TPS40170) Availability and pricing

The UCC28700 flyback controller is available in a 6-pin, 3-mm x 3-mm SOT-23 package, and is priced at $0.35 in quantities of 1,000. TI's new TPS2511 universal charger controller comes in an 8-pin, 3-mm x 5-mm MSOP package, and is priced at $0.90 in quantities of 1,000. Evaluation modules are available for the UCC28700EVM-068 and the TPS2511EVM-141.

Find out more about TI's adapter and USB charging portfolio:

-- Check out TI's extensive line of battery charger circuits for USB charging.
-- Review TI's power supply control portfolio for AC adapter power supplies.
-- Select USB power switch products, including the TPS2511.
-- Ask questions and help solve problems in the Power Forum in the TI E2E(TM) Community:

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