Adapter interfaces standard I/O modules to SNAP-I/O systems.

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Model B2SNAP-IDC50(TM) provides way to interface Opto 22 SNAP-I/O(TM) racks and control brains to Industry Standard I/O Mounting Racks. Board plugs into any of 4 or 8 position I/O mounting rack and provides interface for up to 8 discrete I/O modules using 1 SNAP position and one B2SNAP-20C ribbon cable for every 4 standard I/O modules. Applications include process control, high-end machine control, security, and systems requiring functions of discrete I/O modules.

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Systems Integrators Can Now Interface Standard I/O Modules to SNAP-I/O(TM) Brain-Driven Control Systems

Shade Gap, PA, July 11, 2005 - Brentek International, Inc. announced their new B2SNAP(TM) Adapter is in production and is shipping. This Adapter provides a convenient and economical way to interface Opto 22 SNAP-I/O(TM) racks and control "brains" to Industry Standard I/O Mounting Racks. This allows system integrators to use standard I/O Modules to give added control capabilities to a SNAP-type Brain-driven control system. Users can also take advantage of Brentek International's broad selection of special capability and custom I/O Modules.

The new B2SNAP-IDC50 board plugs into any 4 or 8 position Industry Standard I/O mounting rack and provides the interface for up to eight discrete I/O modules using one SNAP position and one B2SNAP-20C ribbon cable for every four standard I/O modules. This maximum control adapter offers:
o Complete I/O isolation (point-to-point)
o Input and Output configuration(s)
o Wide range of I/O rack support:
- G-Series, G4, G5, C4
- SM, M 70M
- 0.6", Classic, 70
- Brentek Double Density and Universal Racks
o Compatibility with Brentek's diverse I/O offering, including:
- High-current Dry Contact Output Modules
- Watchdog Timers
- Custom Input Modules
- Latching Output Modules
- Multiple-Function Timer Modules

Common applications of the integrated control systems are process control and high-end machine control, security, and systems requiring flexibility and functions of discrete I/O modules. A system's flexibility is maximized by combining a SNAP-I/O's ease of integration and controller capabilities (Ethernet I/O, etc.) with the specific I/O functionality of virtually all I/O modules available throughout the industrial automation industry today.

The I/O control system's capabilities are determined by the OPTO 22 selected Brain Module, i.e. Stand-alone controller, Ethernet I/O, RF Networking, RS-232, etc. This control system is extremely valuable for machine control, process control, multi-node systems control, remote site control, and remote internet accessibility of control systems.

To connect a SNAP/I/O(TM) to industry standard I/O mounting racks, simply:
1. Plug the B2SNAP-IDC50 adapter board into the 50-pin IDC connector of any standard I/O 8 position mounting rack (G4, Classic, SM, M, UNI-816, etc.).
2. Plug one of the Brentek 20 pin ribbon cables into the desired SNAP-I/O(TM) backplane position to control 4 discrete standard I/O modules. Use a second cable to control an additional 4 I/O modules.

Controlling the discrete standard I/O modules is virtually seamless. The OPTO 22 Brain Module is simply configured to control the selected 20 pin ribbon interface position as a digital input or digital output. This input or output is assigned in the Brain's software to match the type of standard I/O modules used. (The module type selected must be selected in groups of four and is controlled as discrete I/O).

Example: To control four Brentek G-8AMP5 High current dry output modules via SNAP I/O position 6 to B2SNAP-IDC50 Adapter Board (POS 0-3) connector, the SNAP Brain Module's Firmware I/O configuration should be assigned as a FORM A Relay Module (i.e. SNAP-ODC5RFM) and each of the I/O Points should be assigned for their specific use. The discrete G-8AMP5 Dry Output I/O modules corresponding to positions 0-3 may now be controlled individually.

The B2SNAP-IDC50 is compatible with all Opto 22 SNAP-I/O systems. The only consideration is that a designer must choose a SNAP brain module that is compatible with their chosen Digital I/O backplanes. The B2SNAP-IDC50 is available immediately and base pricing starts at $18.00 each. To learn more, visit

About Brentek International, Inc.
Brentek International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Watchdog Timers, Dry Contact Relays, Double Density I/O Modules, High-density and Universal I/O Racks, Pulse Stretching Input Modules, and Custom I/O and Timing Modules for automation and control systems.

For more than 16 years, Brentek International, Inc. has been designing and building Standard and Custom I/O and Timing Modules to solve difficult applications. Brentek International provides modules that are complementary to the I/O systems provided by well-known industrial automation and control manufacturers such as Opto 22, Grayhill, Crouzet, and others. These modules are available in G-Series, 0.6" Classic, SM/M, Quad, and 8-pin Octal packages. Typical capabilities offered in Brentek International products include zero-leakage current dry contact outputs, watchdog timers, and custom timing and control interface modules. Brentek International specializes in providing custom I/O modules which solve unique automation and control applications. Brentek has complete design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities in its Pennsylvania-based facilities.

SNAP-I/O(TM) is a trademark of Opto 22. For more information about Opto 22 products visit

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